About refrigerator drawers in the kitchen


The style and functionality of the drawers in the refrigerator will give a luxury look for the kitchen. The feature of the drawer in the refrigerator will provide a choice for the people to buy as per their kitchen style. The drawers are available in two or three in numbers that fit below the counter to store the food items. The food products that are stored in the drawers are visible to the people and they can easily reach those food items when the refrigerator drawers are open. The arrangement of items in the drawer can give convenience to the people if it is used for the kitchen purpose or used as secondary for some specific usages. In small kitchens, drawer refrigerator is the best option for storing more number of items. One of the benefits of a refrigerator drawer is people who are using wheelchairs can easily access the refrigerator and get the food they want to have. Apart from using in the kitchen, refrigerators are used as secondary to store the cold food items. Food can be placed nearly in the drawer of the refrigerator. Refrigerator drawers are giving comfort because of its convenient access and compact size.

The refrigerator drawers are independent and free units that can be placed under a desk, bar and counter in the kitchen. The features involved in the refrigerator drawers are thermostats with adjustment, cooling fans and defrosting systems that work automatically. The drawers are easily opened because of the spring loaded facility in the drawer. The drawer is also counter-weighted to make the drawer easily opened by the user. The styles of refrigerator drawers include refrigerators with 2 or 3 drawers and drawers with handles for towels. Some of the refrigerators come in seamless stainless steel. This suits the commercial kitchen or household kitchen. Some of the refrigerators are covered with some overlay to match the décor of the refrigerator with the décor of the kitchen. These types of refrigerator drawers will fit perfectly with the décor of the kitchen. The drawer refrigerator in the kitchen will give a feel of luxury, affordability and stylish in the commercial or household kitchen.

Some of the refrigerator drawers are very deep to store large amount of food items in it. These drawers will use the space effectively in the kitchen. Even the drawers are designed a way to store items such as beverages, cans and Bevs. Even kids can easily access the refrigerator since the height of the refrigerator drawer is less than the normal refrigerators. This will create a friendly kitchen zone for kids. This will help the youngster and kids have something after they return from school. They do not need a person for helping him in accessing the refrigerator. Parents can store some healthy snacks and drinks for their children in the refrigerator drawer to reach them on handy for their children. One who wishes to raise the value of the kitchen and develop the look of the kitchen can use the refrigerator drawers.


Adding more comfortable to children with twin quilts


Twin quilting has become massively popular in recent years as more women use it for their children. Making the best choice of the quilting option is most essential responsibility of the woman as a mother. There are all types of materials and patterns available for selecting the best twin quilts for children. Generally, twin quilts are products that make bedding more attractive and comfortable to children. The mothers must have to select 100 percent cotton material that keeps their baby snuggly warm or the pretty neutrals of pink, green and yellow of all options of baby quilts. Most of the mothers are looking forward to giving most comfortable space to their babies. Since, comfort level of the baby begins in the bed room. If the mother has soft and high quality twin quilts at the bed room, the baby will really feel more comfortable in entire things. If the bedding is in twin formats, it will be more comfortable to the children. If the children bed is with the twin quilts, babies will really feel more comfortable and convenient while sleeping. A sleeping is most essential aspect needed for the children of lower ages. That is why parents have concentrated on bedding options that make more comfortable environment for the child sleep.

There are huge varieties of twin quilts for children available in the market. The parents must have to find the best one according to their needs and requirements. The well designed twin quilts in different sizes, colors, designs and styles are available for both girl and boy babies. These twin beds are not only for the children but they are also used by all age group people. The bedding and twin quilts are helpful to the people utilize all kinds of bedding frames. If the twin quilt is used by a single child, it is highly beneficial to the buyers. Their child will really have more space and comfortable bedding location at their bedrooms. Some of the buyers require own way of bedding with the customizable twin quilts. Many stores have also provided this option of buying customizable twin quilts with bedding online.

The parents should have to keep bedding and twin quilts clean and fresh for making healthier environment to their children. Now buyers can get a great choice of buying twin quilts with bedding from the internet shops. There are much more online stores that are providing different styles and designs of twin quilts to the online buyers. The buyers must have to find the best online shop to purchase high quality bedding twin quilts at reasonable price level. Online shop is a perfect place to the buyers to buy decorative designs twin quilts for the growing children. Many online shops have numerous collections of twin quilts with different patterns, designs, styles and colors. Those shops will also provide customize option to the buyers according to their requirements. The online shops will get a required twin quilt pattern from the customers and provide the same to the needs of the buyers.



Know about TKT course and its benefits


If you want to improve your knowledge and skills in English language for your personal and career purpose, then take the advantages of TKT couse, which will guide you how to get expert in English. There are many schools are available in Auckland, which will provide effective and reliable training for improving the knowledge of English to the students. There are lots of courses are available, and the person have to choose the best course which suits to them. Here is the information about three important English courses available in Auckland but the best course is TKT. The three important English courses are TKT, the general course of English and exam preparation course of TOEIC. Most of the professors, experts of English prefer TKT for the best improvement of English skill and knowledge.

TKT Auckland is a system of international test for English language. This is a form of test where the students can be eligible when they are job across the globe. Are the professionals, and the students need to study or work in abroad, and then the first step have to do is clear the test. After the test, they will be provided a scorecard and by taking that card they can bale to get job or seat to study in any institution. This test is not as easy as the other test in Auckland, and this needed training before you are appearing to the particular examination. This will lead to getting a good score and get a great chance to get admissions from excellent colleges in abroad.

There are main two modules are available in this TKT Auckland. First is the academic based test and nest is the general training test. This academic based test id only for the students who like to get admissions for postgraduate and undergraduate or if they like to go abroad for their job reasons. General training test is for the people having immigration reasons and for those who need to join in abroad for training of vocational. It will test the students on the basis of some real life situations. They are checked effectively according to the speaking, understanding and writing skills. In this TKT both the tests are divided into four parts and the main goal of the test is to know about the student’s ability of speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

The students should have well and excellent knowledge about the above factors so that they can score well during the examination. There are separate timings are allotted for each and every test which will judge the capacity of the candidate. The students and candidates have to be good in all the aspects of the language. Most important is given to this language because this is spoken globally, and you can easily survive with the use of this language. After clearing all stages of TKT Auckland, then they can join in any excellent company or institution to continue their life. Lot of hard word is needed, and if they clear all the stages, then their life will be prosperous and enlightening career is waiting for those candidates.


Select the freezer that solves storage needs


People who like to optimise their kitchen space can use the ideal under counter refrigerator in their home. Home appliance can get kept a neat and tucked way using the best price counter refrigerator. Compact upright freezers are available with different drawers and one can store ice creams, frozen food and some other things. Features of the under counter freezer will differ based on the model to model. Customers have to select the one that satisfy their needs. Food items can get prevented in a fresh manner for a longer time using the best brand counter freezers available in the market. Some freezers are available with frost free technology and with this technology, one can avoid the manual defrost work. Basic things about the freezers have to be known by the users in order to gain the benefits with the product.

Standard brand freezers have to be purchased by persons in order to get the freezers with different styles and options. Compare the prices of different standard brands in the freezers and get the brands that offer a good warranty to them. Maintenance work of the under counter freezer has to be investigated earlier otherwise they have to suffer from various issues. Good quality freezers are available with easier to locate and organise options and with this, they can save the space efficiently. Even the large quantity of ice can get stored in the counter freezers without any space issues. These recent technology freezers will preserve the foodstuffs in a hygiene way. Eco-friendly freezers have to be purchased by users in order to avoid the pollutant problem considerably.

Commercial freezers come with a number of convenient options and they have to obtain a high grade product to gain advantages. As there are different types of freezers available in the market, individuals have to find the one that is compact and perfect. Durability options of the under counter freezer have to be ensured in order to gain the energy efficiency in the freezers. Bottom-up freezers and top-down freezers will have different built in configurations and settings. Customers have to determine those things and they should take a wise decision in shopping the freezers online. Certified green refrigerators will have long run capability and persons have to identify and use it to solve their storing issues.

Extended guarantee and warranty are available in some of the online service providers and they have to use them to retain money. Additional storage facility in the freezers will comfort the cooking women in a greater way without any tensions. Advantages with the counter freezers are higher when compared with mini freezers available in the market. These under counter freezers will not only support the home but also supports the restaurants, bars and other places wherever the storages needed. If they do not select the appropriate model freezers, they cannot keep their kitchen in a neat and perfect way. There are fine guides available for buying commercial freezers and individuals can utilize it to gain the major benefits without complications.

Find the excellent benefits of soaker tubs


Soaker bathtubs are available in different styles, sizes and designs for different kinds of people. These soaker tubs are specially made for the sole purpose of soaking by permitting persons to dip their entire body carefully. These bathtubs are deeper, wider and longer in each sense so that people are able to get a better general purpose bathtub models. Most of the modern bathrooms are having these soaker bathtubs that provide completeness feel. These soaker bathtubs are accessible in various colors such as bone, biscuit, white glossy finish and onyx. There are two fundamental models of soaker tubs available in the market. Those are roman soaker bathtub and Greek soaker bathtub. These two fundamental models are similar in entire functions but roman bathtubs are quite deeper than Greek bathtubs. Now a day, soaker bathtubs are popular and they are mostly available as freestanding models. These freestanding model soaker bathtubs have a lot of space for lounging and leaning back. They are really comfortable and convenient to all people bath easy.

These soaker tubs are not really consuming more space in the bathroom. They are compactable but deeper, longer and space full for all kinds of persons. Soaker tubs are also having some of the health benefits for humans. Soaker bathtubs will be able to take person’s blues away. Hydrotherapy is highly beneficial to the people who have back or neck pains and need peace of mind. The water in the bathtubs will be able to relax people completely by reducing tension on the muscles. The lightness of the water will reduce complete stress and depression and make blood circulation well on the human body. Better blood circulation will really make people feel more relaxed and tension free. Some of the people have a sleeping problem at the night time. They have a lack of sleeping at night and they need a better solution to have a better sleep at night. The soaker bathtubs are helpful to those people for relaxing their muscles and also mind.

If the humans have no sleeping at night, they can have a wonderful bathing in this bathtub. Then all of their muscles and mind will get relaxed and they will have better sleep at the night time. There are numerous types of soaker tubs available for recreation purpose. These soaker bathtubs are coming in different styles and designs. The people can enjoy warm and relaxing water in the winter season using this bathtub. Now there are so many online stores to buy high quality soaker tubs at an affordable price range. Now most of the buyers have made any purchase from online stores using the internet. In that way, most of the online shops have plenty of collections of soaker bathtubs for different types of buyers. Among many online stores, the buyers must have to find the good online store to buy the best soaker bathtubs suitable for them. Online shops have many varieties, styles and designs of soaker bathtubs and also at very reasonable price level. That is why most of the buyers prefer online shops to buy high quality soaker bathtubs online.





The ever increasing benefits of premium vacuum chamber today


Many industries now use different categories of vacuum chambers to augment the productivity successfully.  The low pressure environment is an important factor to conduct physical experiments and test mechanical devices professionally. The highest quality vacuum chamber is useful to keep up the low pressure environment successfully. As compared to other elements in industries, the ever increasing uses of premium vacuum chambers reveal the importance of the consistency in the low pressure environment. The main element to perform some specific actions and experiments in leading industries at this time is a vacuum chamber.  Some household products now have this chamber for specific purposes.  Poor quality chambers do not remove the whole gases and air out of the container that sealed completely.

More than a few categories of vacuum pumps are available at this time. These vacuum chambers keep up the whole functions of some industrial applications these days.  The positive displacement pumps are useful to inflate the cavity and remove gases out of the sealed chamber efficiently. The most outstanding industry that uses a vacuum chamber efficiently at this time is the semiconductor industry. Commercial and residential benefits of these vacuum chambers give lots of beneficial issues to users.  Spherical chambers and box chambers are the main chambers that used in the commercial applications increasingly. Many companies now prefer the most outstanding quality of the vacuum chamber to remove impurities in the materials. The steel making process depends on the highest quality vacuum chambers these days.

Even though lots of categories of vacuum chambers are available in the local markets these days, industrialists give attention to leading manufacturers of vacuum chambers’ features as comprehensively as possible. Once people have decided to purchase the most suitable vacuum chamber that has the most outstanding features, they have to gather necessary details before they purchase it. Manufacturers with a specialization in the vacuum chambers now use the most advanced equipment to manufacture the most outstanding quality of the vacuum chamber to every client. Different mechanical devices now use vacuum chambers efficiently. These devices augment the performance through the best outcome of these chambers.

The multiple outlets and spherical shape of chambers get recognized in many industries at this time. Among many other box chambers, the two main categories are rectangular chamber and simple box chamber. Cylindrical chambers are come in vertical and horizontal types these days.  Many ports in these chambers get covered with vacuum flanges that let professional installation of specific instruments efficiently. The most famous vacuum chamber in the aircraft engineering at this time is Thermal Vacuum Chamber.  The main application areas of these thermal vacuum chambers are medical, aircraft engineering, semi-conductors, dental, and laboratory experiments.  Among many other materials of these vacuum chambers, the most common metal is metal. The metals have the best features include the highest strength, permeability nature, and pressure handling capacities successfully.  The main materials used to manufacture the vacuum chambers at this time are stainless steel, aluminum, brass, glass, high density ceramic, and acrylic. People who listen to the vacuum degassing process do not fail to understand the ever increasing significance of the highest quality vacuum chamber these days.

Affordable houses for sale Auckland attract budding homeowners and investors


Many residents of the New Zealand now keep concentrate on the best investment opportunities because they have desires to secure wealth as the maximum amount as possible.  They can listen to the most recent houses for sale Auckland and fulfil expectations on investment opportunities easily. The most successful real estate companies now provide the best services to clients. These services are useful for people who have an expectation to become a home-owner here. As the city of sails, Auckland gets recognition all through the world. Many attractions about this largest city including the beaches, spectacular harbour, and picturesque water on the center business district’s sides encourage individuals to invest in real estate properties here. As compared to buying commercial properties at the highest prices, this is worthwhile to invest in affordable house investment options here.

People who have invested in houses here now reap profits increasingly. They feel happy because more than expected improvement in the property value. They can get an expected return on investment at all the time. Among many houses for sale Auckland, individuals can choose the most suitable residential property when they choose a real estate agent with years of professional experiences in the industry. Residential of this international city now get satisfied as a result of the most outstanding facilities on time.  The whole population growth of New Zealand depends on the Auckland region because the official population of this city is 33% of New Zealand’s overall population.  As compared to other liveable cities of the globe, this city gets ranked third position in 2011 according to a survey conducted by Mercer Quality of Living.

The most exceptional news about the real estate industry of residential properties in Auckland is the ever-increasing demand that exceeds supply these days.  Residents of other cities and countries now give attention to the news regarding houses for sale Auckland comprehensively because they heard the best benefits from the property investment in this city. Among many other attention-grabbing reasons that encourage people purchase a property in this city, the most significant reasons are no capital gains tax, stamp duties or land tax, and inheritance tax and multi-currency lending options.  Once non-residents of Auckland have decided to purchase a house in this city, they have to consider lots of things. These significant things are top reasons behind the augmentation of real estate value in this city, types of capital gains and taxation issues, and the best regions to buy properties, and real estate services’ dedication.

The ever increasing rental rates of houses in Auckland give happiness to businessmen with a wish to invest in houses here. The cheapest prices of the premium houses for sale Auckland give lots of benefits to first-time home buyers in this city. As compared to other cities of New Zealand, this city has the best residential properties and amenities that give the most outstanding support to residents enjoy the lifestyle greatly.  As the investment-friendly country, New Zealand welcomes non-residents to invest in properties here these days. The best city in New Zealand to get profits from a reasonable residential investment is Auckland.

Things have to be followed in newsletter writing


Newsletter letter has to be written a formal and structural manner to gain the benefits in a higher way. There are many secrets available regarding newsletter writing and people have to read that to write in the proper format. The contents written in the newsletter should be original and new and it should provide fun to the readers reading it. To improve the business to greater heights, individuals have to write a newsletter in a professional way to attract the clients. Consistent factor should maintain throughout the letter in order to save time and amount in a greater manner. Newsletter writing can get completed in a faster manner when they use the tips and tricks available on the internet. Individuals should write a newsletter with scope in order to gain a reputation for their business. They should satisfy the customer’s requirements in a perfect way by using proper sentences in newsletter.

Though newsletter writing is a complicated task, it has to be handled by proper means to achieve success in business. Individuals should use interesting words in the newsletter to attract the target audience. Spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes should get avoided absolutely when they want to achieve success in a higher manner. These small mistakes will create a bad impression among the users and people should avoid that with proper care. The newsletters should be both interesting and informative to attract the wide range of audience in an effective manner. Individuals should write in the third person format in order to increase the credibility in newsletter. They should get suggestions and tips from professional writers to write the letters in a standard format. They must have proper writing skill to produce a newsletter in a well qualified manner without any errors. Errors have to be corrected earlier when they want to achieve greater benefits in newsletter writing.

Find the latest offer of wine direct on no.1 wines.


If you are looking for the latest offers on the every purchase of wine, visit wine direct online retail store to grab special offers on wines. Now you can get free delivery nationwide purchasing 6 bottles of wine from wine direct. Under the special offer you can save up to 10 dollars on your every purchase. Let’s find what categories of wines are available under the latest offer wine direct.

  • Under this special offer you can purchase Volepetto Chianti DOCG to save $6 on each bottle. Now you can purchase each bottle of Volepetto Chianti only at 11.99USD.
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  • Purchase 6 bottles of Torre Oria Villa Ingo Reserva from wine direct and save 3USD on every bottle purchase. Prestigious and high profile customers prefer this wine so much. It is an elegant choice of wine lovers. Make your special occasions more pleasurable and enjoyable with Torre Oria Villa Ingo Reserva.
  • Wine lovers who are searching for award winning wines at discounted price, Rhone Red Dozen can be their best choice. And they can grab the award winning wine only from wine direct. Under the latest offer of wine direct you can purchase the award winning wine only at $28.99.

So, don’t make late to visit the website of wine direct and grab the latest amazing offer!



Hidden benefits of a cat tree house for both cat and cat’s owner


There are multiple benefits of making a cat tree house. Cat tree house can be the best place for your cute kitten to sleep, jump and explore. Besides, building a cat tree house you can stimulate your cat in different outdoor activities. It also helps cat owners to prevent their indoor furniture from tiresome scratching of cats. Let’s find multiple benefits of a cat tree house.

Best platform for outdoor activities

Enjoyable living environment

Durable interactive play center

Prevent from scratching on furniture

Best platform for outdoor activities:

Cat tree house works as the best platform of outdoor activities for cats. On the cat tree house your beloved cats can feel comfort to play, move, and jump and explore. And these outdoor activities are useful to increase the physical stamina of cat.

Enjoyable living environment:

Cats love to live in the cat tree house, because cat tree house is comfortable and enjoyable to sleep and explore. With a cat tree house you can provide a natural living environment to your cats. Multiple numbers of cats can play and explore in the cat tree house together.

Durable and interactive play center:

Cat tree house works as a durable and interactive play center where two or more cats can play together.  And the tree is designed with attractive features and functions those are really funny and entertaining for cats.

Prevent from scratching on furniture:

Making a cat tree house you can repel your cats to scratch on indoor furniture and essential accessories. Placing a cat tree house you can make your lovely kitten indifferent to move and scratch on your bed and furniture.

Mole Mapping in Auckland is affordable and advanced in detecting malignant moles and skin cancer.


Due to different causes and perspectives malignant moles can grow in your skin such as profession, lifestyle, food habit, and genetics and so forth. Melanoma is a common and fatal form of skin cancer. Both males and females can get bitter experience of melanoma at any stages and ages of their life. Auckland is a state of New Zealand where the rate of melanoma affected patients is increasing at an alarming level. Dermatologists are applying mole mapping as the most advanced procedure of skin cancer detection in Auckland.

Online mole mapping appointment in Auckland:

There are thousands of mole mapping institutes and health centers in Auckland where you can find an appointment online to detect malignant moles in your skin. You can get online appointment in St. Luke Medical Center and Skin Site for mapping moles in your body. In Auckland, different skin care centers have made mole mapping appointment available online in order to provide consumers quick mole mapping service.

Full body mole mapping Auckland:

In different skin care centers of Auckland full body mole mapping service is available. Full body mole mapping is highly effective to detect the presence of melanoma in the skin. You can examine the possibility of melanoma in your body with the help of mole mapping Auckland. Mole Map Ltd, Mole Check NZ, and St. Luke Medical Center offer consumers full body mole mapping. You can find here full body mole mapping service at affordable price.

Mole mapping by skilled dermatologists in Auckland:

In Auckland 100% qualified and guaranteed mole mapping services are available by highly skilled dermatologists and skin care specialists along with advanced skin care technologies. In different mole mapping centers of Auckland professional mole mapping experts provide skin cancer detection and mole mapping service. If you live in Auckland, you can easily find mole mapping service in different skin care centers.



Find some popular websites for trusted, simple, and free mortgage calculator.


Are you looking for highly efficient mortgage calculator to estimate your amount of mortgage that you can afford? Do you want to calculate your monthly mortgage payment within few seconds? Then, review the article properly. If you are here, you will find some widely used financial support websites where you can use free and fair mortgage calculators to estimate your amount of mortgage and monthly payment. So, let’s find:


This is the widely used financial support website where you can find free mortgage calculator to calculate your monthly mortgage payment or repayment. Bankrate.com has reliable and flawless mortgage widget that you can use for your own financial sites. Home loan seekers who are confused to determine an affordable home loan package for them, they can use the bankrate.com mortgage calculator to find an affordable home loan package. This calculator is easy to use. You just need some basic information to use the mortgage calculator.


Since 1979, HSH.com has been working as a trusted mortgage resource center. On the website you can find mortgage quotes, news & information and mortgage calculator. People who are looking for house building loan, car loan, business opening loan, and any other loans; they can log in the site to measure their amount of monthly payment against mortgage. If you are here, you can calculate mortgage payment of any types of mortgage including 12 years mortgage, 15 years mortgage, 30 years mortgage, adjustable mortgage rate, and refinancing mortgage and more. You have no need to pay to use the simple mortgage calculator of the site.


Subscribe to confused.com to find out an exact scheme of your monthly mortgage payment. This financial website offers users simple mortgage calculator to calculate a commensurate amount of mortgage. Save your valuable time and money using the mortgage calculator of the site. To calculate how much amount of mortgage you can afford, simple enter your some basic financial information into the relevant fields of the calculation page. If you cannot realize, you can follow the instructions of confused.com mortgage calculator.


No matter, if you are in your office or home. You can calculate your amount of fixed rate mortgage repayment on FHA.com. On the site you will find a simple mortgage calculator to calculate your monthly or yearly mortgage repayment. No subscription fee is required to use the mortgage calculator. Furthermore, you can compare refinance mortgage rates of different lenders using the mortgage calculator of FHA.com


NZ housing costs high, pay low

New Zealanders spend more of their income on housing than any other developed country in the OECD apart from heavily indebted Greece, a report reveals.

And although income disparities have decreased slightly, household disposable incomes in New Zealand remain below the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development average.

The findings are part of the OECD’s wellbeing report – titled How’s Life? – which ranks the group’s 34 countries across 11 indicators.

The report, released yesterday, shows the cost of housing as a proportion of income in New Zealand is the second-highest in the OECD, with 26 per cent of the average household’s income going towards housing.

Housing costs include rent, mortgage payments, power, water, gas and maintenance costs.

New Zealand was topped only by Greece, whose economy has been hit hard by the global financial crisis and a huge sovereign debt burden. There, 27 per cent of incomes goes towards housing.

The report also found that despite New Zealand having the seventh-highest employment rate, the average household’s disposable income was below the OECD average.

There was some good news, however, with the report finding income disparities in New Zealand had decreased slightly.

And when it comes to overall wellbeing, New Zealand was among the best-performing countries in the OECD. New Zealand was ranked among high-performers including Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Britain and the Nordic countries.

The country outranked average performers including the United States, South Korea, Japan, Germany and France, and low performers including Turkey and Greece.

Wellbeing was determined by indicators including income and wealth, job availability and earnings, housing conditions, health, work-life balance, education and skills, social connections, civic engagement and governance, environmental quality, personal security and subjective wellbeing.

New Zealanders have relatively equal distribution when it comes to life satisfaction, but happiness has been in decline since the global financial crisis hit – average life satisfaction falling by 5 per cent in the four years to 2012. The report said that could be because of factors other than the economy, citing the recent earthquakes.

New Zealanders did well in terms of health – almost 90 per cent reporting they were in good or very good health.

New Zealand also had the second-lowest difference in self-reported health status between socio-economic groups out of all OECD countries.

The gender divide in both life expectancy and health was comparatively narrow, and women and men were nearly equally represented among the unemployed.

The report noted the gender pay gap was narrowing, but men were more likely than women to be satisfied with their job.

The OECD aims to promote policies that improve the economic and social wellbeing of people around the world.



Silverdale boom beckons buyers

A prominent industrial building leased by a kayak manufacturer in fast-growing Silverdale, north of Auckland near Orewa, is on the market for sale or lease for the first time since its construction in 2001.

The freehold property at 23-25 Forge Rd, Silverdale, Rodney, is being marketed by Brad Visser and Shoneet Chand of Colliers International by deadline private treaty closing on November 21 unless it is sold or leased before that date.

“With the current tenant, Johnson Outdoors Watercraft Ltd, vacating in April next year, the property offers an excellent opportunity for an owner-occupier or developer to acquire a well-known, large industrial facility in Silverdale,” Visser says.

“This building is one of the largest in Silverdale and one of the only big industrial facilities available in the area at the moment.

“It is a well-known and recognised building that offers a great profile and a number of options to its new owner.”

Chand says the size of the modern facility and its functional layout make it suitable for a wide range of uses.

“The warehouse provides high stud, clear span industrial accommodation that will suit businesses operating in a sectors from storage and logistics to manufacturing and distribution or even trade-based retailers.”

Visser says vacant land on the property and on the neighbouring lot, which is also for sale, offer further options.

“A developer could look at various add-value options, such as building on the large yard area, or dividing the existing building into smaller tenancies.

“The next-door property, which contains 3796sq m of land, is also being sold by the same vendor so a buyer could acquire the two properties totalling over one hectare of land.

“With the vendor expecting a result before Christmas, this is a great opportunity for buyers and tenants to secure a substantial property holding in this fast-growing location.”

Chand says the 3168sq m building on site covers only 44 per cent of the freehold site, and has a straightforward layout and very low office ratio. “It offers what the great majority of industrial occupiers are looking for – a large flexible space that is not ‘over-officed’ with a yard and container drop areas.”

A large canopy area, gantry crane and extensive car parking are provided and the property also has an alarm system and computer cabling throughout.

“This is one of the finest industrial facilities in Silverdale and has served the current occupier very well for the past 12 years,” Chand says.

“The property is in the Silverdale Industrial Estate, 30 minutes’ drive from the Auckland central business district and 15 minutes from the Albany industrial and commercial basin.

“This location has excellent motorway access and is a new, although already well-proven, business estate with occupiers including New Zealand Glass, Bunnings, Atlas Concrete and Placemakers in the immediate vicinity.

“With a decreasing supply of land in the nearby Albany industrial estates, tenants and owner-occupiers are looking to Silverdale and the nearby proposed business areas as an economic alternative,” Chand says.

Visser says Silverdale is undergoing a major population expansion which has resulted in many other national and international retailers being attracted to the area.

These include Pak’nSave, The Warehouse and a Countdown supermarket.

The Millwater housing development in Silverdale has about 3500 sections, being sold in stages.


Realestate.co.nz reports a surge in the numbers of houses coming on to the market, up 10% on same time a year ago

The number of new house listings surged in the last month, helping to lift inventories of available properties from historically low levels.

Realestate.co.nz said in its monthly NZ Property Report that listings in October were 13,978, which was up 10% compared with the same month a year ago.

The latest figure was up some 27% on the 11,000 in September.

Significantly, the constrained and overheated Auckland market saw a 28% increase (compared with September 2013) in new listings to 4783 – which was its highest number in over five years. Compared with October last year the Auckland figure was up 19%.

ASB economist Daniel Smith said that on a seasonally-adjusted basis, October saw a “fairly strong lift” in new listings. He said that on a seasonally-adjusted basis the Auckland listings were up 21.7%, while those in Canterbury were up 14.8%

“That suggests that supply is starting to respond more aggressively to the last year or two of strong house price growth, though we would need to see another month or two of a similar pattern to be confident there has been a sustained response.”

Smith thought, also, that the Reserve Bank’s new “speed limits” on high loan-to-value mortgage lending “may also be prompting owners to get their house on the market before the measures fully bite”.

Realestate.co.nz acting chief executive Phillip Dunn said there had been “a really strong recovery of listing numbers in every region except the West Coast”.

“October brought the highest number of listings we’ve seen across the board since March 2010.”

Regarding inventory – the number of houses available as expressed in weeks needed to sell them – there was a “slight ease in pressure”, Dunn said.

The national figure stayed about the same at 24 weeks. But inventory in the Auckland region saw a 5% increase to 12.1 weeks, but was still low compared with the long term average of 29 weeks.

In other regions, Canterbury saw an 8% inventory increase, taking it to 16 weeks compared with last month’s 14.9.

But inventory crept to an all time low in Waikato, however, falling to 25.8 weeks compared to the previous 27.4.

Unsold homes down

And the level of unsold homes on the market nationally at the end of October was 38,577,  well down on the 43,410 figure a year ago.

ASB’s Smith said despite more houses coming on to the market, inventory remained very low by historical standards.

“Supply constraints are likely to continue driving house prices higher, especially as residential construction activity in Auckland remains weak,” he said.

Smith thought the RBNZ’s new LVR restrictions would have some impact on demand and, combined with more houses coming onto the market (if sustained),  would likely see house price growth peak in late 2013/early 2014.

“We still expect the [Official Cash Rate] to first rise in March 2014, though the risks are skewed to a later start.”

Asking prices hit records

While there are some more listings on the market, this hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm of sellers in the slightest regarding what they think their properties are worth.

The average asking price for properties in New Zealand once again reached an all-time high.

The new national asking price is $482,063 compared with $466,526 last month, also a record.

Auckland’s asking price surged to a new high of $666,126, beating the previous record by around $16,000.

Hawkes Bay, Wellington and Canterbury all experienced significant increases in asking prices and set new records, also.


Kiwibank cuts 2yr <80% LVR mortgage rate to 5.65%, withdraws its market-leading 3yr special

Kiwibank has started the new week with a small reduction in its 2 year home loans rate.

This new rates is a ‘special’ and only applies to new borrowers who have at least 20% equity as well as existing home lending at Kiwibank.

The new rate is 5.65%, a 10 bps reduction from its previous rate of 5.75% special. The 5.95% rate still applies for borrowers who can’t meet the ‘special’ criteria.

This new Kiwibank rate for this term is matched by HSBC and Westpac, and bettered by Co-op Bank and SBS.

At the same time, Kiwibank has dropped its market leading 5.99% 3 year special, reverting to its standard 6.40% rate.

Refinancing at Kiwibank comes with a package of benefits the bank claims “could save you up to $2,000″.

These include a free legal transfer service, no valuation required (“unless you’re using an apartment, townhouse or leasehold property as your security”), and zero application fees.

However to qualify for these ‘savings’ borrowers must meet six criteria:

  • the loan is over $50,000
  • it’s less than 80% of the current market value of the residential properties provided as security
  • it can be transferred to Kiwibank without changing who owns the security
  • it’s secured by two or less securities
  • the refinancing documentation is not signed under a power of attorney
  • the refinancing doesn’t form part of a series of same day transactions.



Government announces $16.7 mln spend for 87 new social houses in Auckland

Housing Minister Nick Smith’s announced $16.7 million of taxpayer funding for 87 new community social houses in Auckland.

The grants are coming from the $139 million Social Housing Fund aimed at backing the country’s community social housing sector.

“Auckland’s housing problems require that we grow the stock of private and state housing, as well as the community social housing sector,” Smith said.

“These additional community-developed homes are aimed at lower income families for both rental and assisted home ownership.”

Smith announced the funding yesterday at a New Zealand Housing Foundation site in Avondale where 20 units for low-income families will be built. The foundation has received $4.2 million from the Social Housing Fund for the $9.7 million development.

Auckland Mayor Len Brown said this was “a great example” of Auckland Council working with Government and the social housing sector and the collaboration needed to tackle Auckland’s housing challenges.

The council and the Government recently signed up for the Auckland Housing Accord, which is targeting the building of 39,000 new houses in the Auckland region over the next three years.

“Auckland Council Property Ltd identified this council land as surplus to requirements and well suited to provide higher density housing close to a town centre and good rail links. ACPL worked closely with the Housing Foundation, an organisation leading the way in providing affordable housing in Auckland,” Brown said.

Another of the recipients of the Government social housing funding announced yesterday was the Vision West Community Trust. It received $4.9 million to build 21 units in New Lynn, Henderson and Kelston for large low-income families. The total value of the development is $9.8 million.

The Chinese New Settlers Services Trust received $5.3 million to build 33 units in Panmure for low-income elderly in local Asian communities. The total value of the development is $10.5 million.

Accessible Properties Auckland received $2.3 million to build 13 units in New Lynn, Northern Glen Innes and Weymouth for low-income households. The total value of the development is $4.7 million.

Smith said these housing initiatives were part of the Government’s plans to grow the community sector to provide 20% of New Zealand’s social housing by 2018.

“It is backed up by the Government’s Social Housing Reform Bill to be passed by Parliament by year’s end. This legislation will enable new tenants of community-owned social housing to be eligible for the income related rent subsidy, currently only available to state house tenants.”

Smith said the latest announcement was “just a small part” of the Government’s overall housing strategy.

“We are spending a record $2.9 billion on Housing New Zealand to make sure state houses are in the right place, are of the right size, and are of good quality.

“We are supporting first home buyers through changes to KiwiSaver and Welcome Home Loans and tackling key underlying issues to housing affordability through the Auckland Accord to provide consents for 39,000 new homes over three years.

“We are also scrutinising infrastructure and building materials costs, and investing heavily skills and productivity in the construction sector.”

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Kiwisaver: Inheritance rules for first homes

I would like to leave my grandchildren $20,000 each in my will to be used solely as a part deposit for a first house or to go towards their retirement fund. Can this amount be put into each child’s KiwiSaver in a lump sum when I die? How can this take place without the child having a choice, does the solicitor organise this? Also, can this amount be withdrawn in full by the grandchild if needed for a house purchase? Are there any problems that may occur that I am not aware of that would be detrimental to this action? I do not want this inheritance to be frittered away because it represents a lifetime of my effort. This information may be useful for other grandparents who have similar concerns.

Well done for thinking ahead for your grandchildren, they’re very lucky to have you as their grandparent. You will need to speak to a will and estate lawyer regarding how to structure your will so the restrictions you are seeking are enforceable and your desired outcome is met. As for depositing money into a KiwiSaver account, this is relatively easy and simple. Anyone can contribute as much or as little as they like on behalf of a KiwiSaver member; this can be done by depositing funds into the KiwiSaver scheme’s trust account and attaching the correct references (usually the member’s surname and IRD number or KiwiSaver account number) so the money is correctly allocated.

Any voluntary contributions, regardless of who has made them, as well as the member’s own contributions, employer contributions and investment returns can be withdrawn after three years in KiwiSaver and be put towards a first home purchase.

The government contributions ($1000 kick-start and annual member tax credit contributions) will remain in their KiwiSaver account for retirement.

Unlike the first home subsidy of up to $5000, the first home withdrawal facility does not have any income or house prices caps. Excluding government contributions, there is also no limit on how much of your savings you can take out.

The only requirements are that it is your first home, not a bach or a rental property, and that you intend to live in that home for the first six months.

This will apply to most young adults who are unlikely to have owned a home previously. There is no gift duty tax on any amount that you may contribute to KiwiSaver. I am not aware of any other problems that may occur that would be detrimental to this action, however I am only looking at this purely from a KiwiSaver point of view.
*Vedran Babic, Fisher Funds operations manager.

I’m self-employed and have been in KiwiSaver for several years, just putting in the minimum required to get the government top-up.
I usually do it at the end of the “KiwiSaver year” but is there any advantage to contributing throughout the year or does this just contribute to higher fees and suchlike?

Firstly, well done on ensuring you maximise your full member tax credit entitlement of $521.43 per year.

Too many people miss out on this generous incentive each year.

The advantage of contributing on a regular basis is that you “average” your cost of entry over time.

Investing equal amounts regularly (eg $20 per week) reduces the risk of getting timing wrong (especially when markets are volatile).

Most of us can’t possibly know when the “right” time to invest is.

The amount of units you purchase with each regular contribution will vary as the unit price changes daily to reflect the latest valuation of the fund’s investments – this could be up or down and the amount of units you purchase will vary inversely with the unit price.

In other words, you will purchase more units when the unit price is low and fewer when it increases. By contributing regularly you lower the average cost per unit over time.

Management and other percentage- based fees will continue to be charged on your KiwiSaver account as a percentage of your account balance (typically calculated daily and paid monthly).

Most schemes also charge a monthly administration fee which is a fixed charge, regardless of your account balance.

The more money you have in the account, the lesser the impact of administration fees as an overall percentage of your account will be.

As the administration fees are charged on a monthly basis, you would be slightly better off by contributing regularly.
*Vedran Babic, Fisher Funds operations manager.

If my income changes significantly and so does my PIR who notifies my KiwiSaver provider? Will the IRD do it on my behalf? I know it’s something I’m unlikely to do.

While your KiwiSaver provider will take care of your KiwiSaver tax obligations, it is your responsibility to ensure your Prescribed Investor Rate (PIR) is correct.

This is very easy to change, you can usually send your provider an instruction via email/letter or they may ask you to complete a form.

Some providers also give you the ability to change your PIR via their online access facility.

Your provider will calculate tax on your proportionate share of income based on your PIR (either 10.5 per cent, 17.5 per cent or 28 per cent).

Each year you will receive a tax statement from your provider who will also ask you to confirm your PIR.

If you elect a PIR lower than the correct rate, or you do not advise a change to a higher rate, Inland Revenue may require you to file a tax return and pay any consequential tax shortfall at your marginal tax rate plus any penalties or interest.

Inland Revenue may also contact your provider and direct them to change your PIR.

So look out for your annual tax statement and seek assistance from your provider if you’re unclear on what you should do.
*Vedran Babic, Fisher Funds operations manager.

Disclaimer: Information provided is stated accurately to the best of the respondent’s knowledge at the time of publication. It is general in nature and should not be construed, or relied on, as a recommendation to invest in a particular financial product or class of financial product. Readers should seek independent financial advice specific to their situation before making an investment decision.


New home small but it’s so smart

Aucklanders seeking new, upmarket and apartment-style homes will be able to see what’s on offer as part of a project designed to ease Auckland’s housing problems.

A modern, three-bedroom prototype home with outdoor area and a double garage has been built in Ellerslie for the second phase of James Hardie NZ’s Smarter Small Home project, which aims to bring compact, low-maintenance and affordable housing to the city.

The Ellerslie showhome is worth about $750,000, a price that will vary depending on land values, said James Hardie NZ’s general manager, Justin Burgess.

The project’s initial phase built a Papakura showhome, worth between $400,000 and $500,000 and targeted mid-tier buyers. Both models were designed by Creative Arch.

“… this latest house built by Jennian Homes will appeal to a cross-section of Aucklanders ranging from down-sizing baby boomers to aspiring young people on reasonable incomes,” said Mr Burgess.

“The concept is the same – maximising usable space, keeping maintenance low, making the best use of lighting and heating, and applying innovative technology – but there is a different design and specification.”

The latest model incorporates photo-voltaic power generation on the roof and realistic synthetic turf outside, LED lighting that uses a total of 300 watts, water heated by heat pump, induction cooking, water tank for the toilets and gardens, and a door with a camera that also allows remote unlocking by mobile phone.


Newmarket office floors for lease

Area has a great balance of businesses, retailers and entertainment and is handy to all forms of transport 

Two tenancies of three office floors are available in Newmarket.


Two tenancies of three office floors are available in Newmarket.

Two modern office tenancies in a high profile Newmarket building only one block back from Broadway are being marketed along with signage and naming rights.

“The building at 414 Khyber Pass Rd, Newmarket, was constructed in 2006 and offers a commanding street presence on a prominent corner site,” says Lorne Somerville, of CBRE, who is marketing the property as master agent with colleague Omri Yahel on behalf of Southbourne Holdings.

Describing the building as “seismically strong”, Somerville says three floors are available for lease comprising Level 3 of 895sqm and Levels 5 and 6 totalling 1,765sqm. It is hoped one tenant will sign up for Levels 5 and 6 which are connected by an internal staircase.

Somerville says the regular, square-shaped floor plans and well-positioned services offer strong options for space efficiency.

“Ideally suited for 60-90 people per floor, the floors already have a great fitout for occupiers to apply their own brand and character. The building also has 160 carparks available for lease across the road.

“In addition, the building was assessed in June 2013 to meet 100 per cent of the current new building structural seismic requirements.”

Article continues below

Somerville says CBRE has completed five significant leases in Newmarket totalling over 7,500sqm in the past three months including putting Trust Management into 530sqm at 123 Carlton Gore Rd on October 1; 2 Degrees Mobile into 4,212sqm at 47 George St from December 2013; intellectual property lawyers James & Wells moving from Ellerslie to 123 Carlton Gore Rd in April 2014; Vend Limited moving from Parnell to 2 Nuffield St; and Atlantis Health-care committing long term to a full floor at 435 Khyber Pass Rd.

Lorne Somerville
Lorne Somerville

“Newmarket is drawing considerable leasing interest at the moment,” says Somerville. “The precinct is a fast growing and vibrant commercial centre with over 16,000 people working in the business district every day.

“It has more than 500 fashion, lifestyle and retail stores; and more than 100 bars, cafes and restaurants; that are serviced by 14 parking buildings in the area.

“Newmarket also has a great balance of businesses, retailers and entertainment centres and is close to the CBD. It has become a Who’s Who of big corporates, with Vector, Watercare, Roche, Tonkin & Taylor, Aurecon, Heartland Bank, ANZ Bank and Unilever all located there.”

Nearby attractions include three parks – Newmarket Park, Lumsden Green and Auckland Domain.

“In addition, it has excellent transport links for people travelling to work by bus, train, car and bike. Newmarket’s train station provides a connection with the Auckland rail network which is now used by around 3,500 passengers on a daily basis and it is also on the popular Link bus route – a dedicated bus corridor linking the central city to Newmarket via the university and hospital. Newmarket is also serviced by three motorway access ramps for employees driving to and from work.”

Somerville believes that trends seen throughout 2013 will continue through into 2014.

He says that, on the whole, vacancy in the fringe office market remained stable in the first half of 2013 but some suburbs did experience large changes.

“One of the major contributors to the increase in vacancy in Newmarket, for example, was the Lion relocation to College Hill where the level of vacancy consequently dropped significantly. In our last research into the sector, we said the opportunity to secure office space at cyclically low prices has passed. Today we see that net effective prime fringe rents have already exceeded their pre-global financial crisis figures because of growing demand for prime new developments.”


Higher rates will apply for low equity housing loans, plus low equity margins remain as well

Prices of lifestyle blocks in the Auckland area have rocketed by 26% in the past 12 months, according to the latest Real Estate Institute figures.

The figures for the three months to September show that median prices for land on the Auckland fringe hit a new record of $870,000, up from $850,000 in August – which had also been a record.

In September 2012 the median price for Auckland fringe blocks was just $689,000.

In the past three months the Auckland lifestyle block median price has surged from $793,500 to the current $870,000 – a nearly 10% rise.

The gains on lifestyle blocks are currently outstripping those even in the heated Auckland residential market.
According to REINZ’s residential figures for September out earlier this week, the median price for an Auckland house rose just 10.7% in the past 12 months – but even that was to a record price of $570,000.

At least some of the lifestyle block activity in the Auckland area is likely to be so-called land-banking in anticipation of changes to Auckand’s boundaries and ability to develop rural land. Simlar trends are being seen in latest farm sales figures.

The Auckland Council has recently notified its new Unitary Plan, to take effect in three years, as well as signing up for a new Auckland Housing Accord with the Government. The accord is targeting the building of 39,000 new houses within three years.

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A mixture of fast-tracked “greenfield” and “brownfield” new developments are promised.

The Government and the Auckland Council recently announced the first of the “special housing areas” in the region that are to be fast-tracked for development. More of these special housing areas will be identified publicly in coming months.

REINZ rural spokesman Brian Peacocke said strong buyer interest remained in lifestyle blocks within close proximity to the major cities “with a shortage of listings starting to emerge”.

In the three months to September there were 348 Auckland lifestyle blocks sold, which was a 26.5% increase compared with September 2012. However, backing up the comments about a shortage of listings starting to emerge, the three months to September figure is well down on the 372 sales recorded in the three months to August.

Nationally there doesn’t appear to be a huge amount of activity in the lifestyle block sector, although the 1645 sales in the September quarter were up 23% on the figures recorded 12 months ago.

However, the national median price, at $480,000 – bearing in mind that this includes the Auckland figures – was up just 6.7% on the median of 12 months ago.

The Canterbury median of $470,000 was up just 1.1% on a year ago, while the Northland median gained 7.1% to $340,000, the Wellington median gained 5.9% to $460,000 and the Waikato median climbed 6.7% to $465,000.

Peacocke said that in the South Island, the Christchurch lifestyle market appeared to be experiencing an easing of the surge to the lifestyle areas further away from the city, “partly driven by the resulting traffic congestion at key entry points, and partly by the forthcoming availability of subdivisional land closer to the city”.

Across the country 13 regions recorded increases in sales compared with September 2012 while one recorded a decrease in sales. Auckland recorded the largest increase (+73 sales), followed by Canterbury (+62 sales) and Northland (+49 sales). Compared with August 2013, three regions recorded an increase in sales with nine regions recording decreases.



Auckland Council chief economist suggests ‘considerable speculative element’ to recent house price rises

Auckland Council’s chief economist suggests there has been a “considerable speculative element” to recent house price rises in the region.

In his latest Auckland Economic Quarterly newsletter, Geoff Cooper said “one of the most intriguing aspects” of Auckland’s housing market was that rental inflation remained contained.

“While median house prices in the three months to September were 10.8% higher than the same period of 2012, rents rose just 3.4% over the same period and there is no sign, as yet, that rental inflation is gaining momentum,” he said..

Cooper said it was “not entirely clear why” there was not more pressure on rents, given that Auckland had seen a sustained shortfall in housing supply relative to population growth.

“It does suggest that there has been a considerable speculative element to the recent run-up in house price growth,” he said.
“It’s also possible that recent sales activity has added to the rental stock, which would have taken some pressure off rents.”

Auckland has a perceived shortage of about 30,000 houses and the council has recently signed a Housing Accord with the Government, which is aimed at providing 39,000 new houses in the region over a three-year period. The first proposed development sites under this initiative were announced recently.

The Reserve Bank’s concerned about rapidly rising house prices, particularly in Auckland and has, from the start of this month, introduced “speed limits” on high loan-to-value lending.

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Cooper said it was “too early” to see the impact of the LVR restrictions on house price growth and lending.

He said that annual house price growth in the region had eased back since May, but the data suggested that this reflected an increase in listings, and more listings in lower price brackets, rather than a reduction in demand.

“While there is considerable variability month to month, sales volumes have remained strong.”

Cooper said the undersupply of housing facing Auckland could have been much worse were it not for the significant slowdown in population growth revealed in the new census numbers.

“Estimates of household formation will be revised down along with estimates of pent-up demand for housing. Nevertheless, supply-side constraints remain a major problem for Auckland’s housing market,” he said.

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Auckland Housing estate gets go-ahead

Auckland’s largest new housing estate has planning approval.

David Oakhill, Auckland Council’s team manager of central resource consents, said consent had been granted for Mt Wellington’s Springpark.

Tony Gapes of Redwood Group is behind the scheme on a 10.5ha site at 33 Panama Rd where 420 terraced homes and three to four-storey apartments can rise.

Five pocket parks and a larger park with a small block of shops are planned.

Oakhill said the development was designed and promoted as affordable housing and the decision to grant resource consent was made by commissioners after a notification process and hearing.

Approval was given about four months after the application was lodged, he said.

“This is a significant achieve-ment, given the size and scale of the development,” Oakhill said.

But neighbours were strongly opposed, citing fears about rats, traffic, overcrowding, pollution, noise, pohutukawa removal, monotonous buildings, contamination, dust, grime and smells.

They worried about a lack of parking for residents at the huge new estate now being sold off the plans, thought the plans should have been more widely notified and said the scale and look of Springpark was out of character with the area.

Springpark places are being marketed from $320,000 to $550,000



P lab case: Agent allowed to sell property again

A real estate agent convicted of having a P lab on her farm will be allowed to return to work selling property.

The woman, who has name suppression, lost her licence after being convicted and sentenced to six months’ community detention on the drug charge.

But after a review by the Real Estate Agents Disciplinary Tribunal, her licence has been reinstated.

The agent, identified in the decision as “Ms L”, was convicted of permitting premises to be used for the manufacture of methamphetamine.

Police found the P lab after a fire on the Auckland farm in July 2009.

Ms L had allowed two males who were associated with a friend of hers to stay in a loft area above a cowshed for a night.

The next day a small fire broke out in the cowshed, which led to the lab being discovered.

She was found guilty by jury in August last year. In sentencing, Judge Grant Fraser said she would have realised what was happening when equipment was unloaded from a car into the cowshed.

“What is critical and [defence counsel] Mr Dacre has clearly accepted, is that you failed to take any steps to prevent this from happening”.

Ms L said she had no knowledge of what the men were doing, and if she had known she would have asked them to leave.

She continued to work as a real estate agent until 2012, when an application to renew her licence was declined by the Registrar on the basis she was not a “fit and proper person”.

In her application for review Ms L, who had been a real estate agent since 2006, said she was a single mother with a dependent child.

She said the offending was isolated and she had no other criminal convictions.

A real estate agency supported her application and said she would be offered a position as soon as her licence was renewed.

The tribunal said while it would be “presumptuous” to make a different finding from a jury in a higher court, the judge’s sentencing remarks indicated the offending was minor.

It found the applicant was credible and deserved a second chance at her career.

The tribunal also found publication of the woman’s name would cause extreme hardship to her business and career and cause her son stress and hardship.

It noted while it could not prevent the criminal conviction being public, the outcome of the jury trial had “by chance” not received publicity.



Loan rules won’t hit home builds, says Reserve Bank

The Reserve Bank has rejected claims that its curbs on low-deposit mortgage lending will have the perverse effect of reducing how much new housing gets built.

In a speech to the Property Council in Auckland this morning deputy governor Grant Spencer reiterated why the bank has imposed a ‘speed limit’ on high loan-to-value ratio (LVR) lending, what its best guess of the impact will be and the indicators it will be watching to decide when to remove the restrictions.

While the bank estimates that house price inflation will be between 1 and 4 percentage points lower than it would otherwise be over the year ahead, Spencer said house prices would still remain high relative to incomes and rents.

“In this sense it is hard to see how these restrictions will materially reduce the existing incentives to develop new residential property. Provided the red tape costs and delays are reduced, there will remain a strong price incentive to expand the housing stock, particularly in Auckland and Christchurch,” he said.

Between 2000 and 2007 house prices more than doubled, and household debt increased from 100 to 150 per cent of disposable (after-tax) income.

“When the cycle turned in 2007, house prices fell 10 per cent — a relatively benign fall compared with some countries, such as the United States, Spain and Ireland, where house prices fell by 30 to 40 per cent.”

But now the combination of pent-up demand, low interest rates, rising net migration and a sluggish supply response has seen house prices climb to 11 per cent above the previous peak in 2007 nationwide, and 26 per cent higher in Auckland.

Spurred by mortgage rates at the lowest levels since the 1960s and “aggressive” competition among the banks, the stock of residential mortgage debt rose 6 per cent in the year to August — faster than the incomes out of which it has to be serviced.

Lending to borrowers with high LVRs has grown twice as fast, which pushed the share of new lending at high LVRs over 30 per cent.

When exemptions are included, the Reserve Bank’s regime would restrict high LVR lending to 15 per cent of new lending, though banks warn that they will err on the side of caution rather than risk losing their banking licences.

The Reserve Bank estimates that home sales will be between 3 and 8 per cent lower than the otherwise would have been over the first year.

A BNZ/Real Estate Institute survey of real estate agents found a net 41 per cent reported fewer first home buyers in the market.

But Spencer said households who borrow at high LVRs were the most vulnerable to a fall in house prices.

“In the event that house prices fall, these borrowers are more likely to see the value of their house fall below the amount of debt they have outstanding, particularly if they have entered the market recently. This can lead to financial hardship, mortgage defaults and, potentially, stress across the broader financial system.”

Although the primary purpose of the LVR regime is to protect the financial system against the risk of the kind of grief which has engulfed the US, Ireland and Spain when property bubbles burst, the bank also expects it to reduce overall inflation pressures and the extent to which it has to raise interest rates.

But that effect is small — abut 30 basis points compared with the 200 basis points of interest rate hikes the bank has pencilled in by the end of 2015.

“In due course, we expect housing supply to catch up with demand, and for demand to be further moderated as interest rates return to more normal levels over the next couple of years,” Spencer said.

“As the imbalance between demand and supply is reduced, we will look to lift the LVR restrictions. The indicators we will assess in this regard include house price inflation, mortgage approvals, credit growth and house sales. We will be looking for clear signs that excess demand pressures have substantially reduced and that a removal of the restrictions will not result in a return of such pressures.”

Prime Minister John Key accepted the Government’s moves to increase the supply of houses, including 39,000 over three years in Auckland, were ambitious. However the Reserve Bank had never raised concerns about how achievable that was during its frequent discussions with him.

“It is possible because we know that in the past there has been times where numbers close to that have been constructed. What slows it up is the consenting process and effectively what the Government has done with the accord with Auckland is fast track that and essentially streamlined a lot of the other RMA consents. So yes it is ambitious but it’s do-able.”

While the current focus was largely on first home buyers, which Key said he understood, “actually most New Zealanders, certainly a large group of New Zealanders own homes”.

“They don’t want to see those values destroyed. On the other side of the coin as I’ve said so often rapidly rising house prices don’t help anybody because eventually they lead to a bubble. So it is a combination of supply and the Government making sure it’s doing everything to free up that system and to a certain degree where there is an overheated market, then the Reserve Bank playing a role on the demand side.

By Brian Fallow


Rotorua’s population takes a dive

In the past seven years Rotorua has failed to grow – in fact, there are now 621 fewer people living here.

Rotorua Mayor-elect Steve Chadwick said census figures confirmed the city’s static population was caused by people leaving to work elsewhere, including the Christchurch rebuild and Australia.

Rotorua also struggled to attract new residents and new businesses, which traditionally contributed to population growth, Mrs Chadwick said.

About 100 people a year – or nearly 1 per cent of the total population – left Rotorua in the past seven years, census figures released yesterday showed.

However, more people now lived in the city than in 2001.

Statistics New Zealand census figures showed Rotorua’s population dropped by 621.

The population declined from 65,901 to 65,280 – but still higher than in 2001 when 64,473 people lived here.

Census figures showed 22,600 people from the entire Bay of Plenty region had moved to Australia in the past seven years.

“The real challenge for us in the future is to attract some of these people back home,” Mrs Chadwick said.

The international downturn in tourism also impacted on local employment.

“I am in a hurry to see changes that will help reverse this trend.

“I will be bringing together parties from our community who can collaboratively make a real difference.

“We need to do things differently,” she said.

The city’s population decline bucked overall population figures for the Bay of Plenty which showed the region grew 4 per cent – or 10,362 people – in the same period.

Real estate agent Ian McDowell said there had been little real growth in house sales in the city for the past five to six years.

“It’s the hardest and longest recession period I can remember in Rotorua,” he said.

“Normally after three years it begins to pick up but it hasn’t … it’s been really hard work.

“One month sales are up, the next month sales are down . . . it’s frustrating but we are not getting the influx of new people coming here to work. Forestry is quiet and the government departments have scaled back.

He said Rotorua needed a big development project to attract new people. Migration helped growth in Auckland but few migrants seemed interested in moving to places like Rotorua, he said.

Rotorua Lakes High School principal Bruce Walker said the population decline was “not surprising.”

The school’s roll had increased by almost 200 in the past four years but many were pupils enrolling from other secondary schools in the city, he said.

Whakatane, Kawerau and Opotiki’s populations each dropped by around 500 people. In contrast, Tauranga’s population grew by nearly 11,000.


Real estate agents warned over covenants

Real estate agents have been warned they must understand any covenants on properties they are selling, after a case where a family bought a house with an age restriction.

The couple, who had a three-year old child, bought the Whangarei property in a retirement complex, although it was not clearly marked as such.

Properties in the development carried a covenant that at least one of the purchasers had to be aged over 55 years.

Evidence given to the Real Estate Agents Disciplinary Tribunal showed the agent involved was aware of a covenant on the property, but did not investigate what it was.

When neighbours alerted the purchasers’ solicitor, the vendors and purchasers agreed to a $5000 reduction in the price and a condition that the sale would be ended if any efforts were made to injunct it.

After the sale went through in December 2011, the neighbours complained to the Real Estate Agents Authority.

In a decision just released, the tribunal said the authority had found the agent, Laurel Watson, and the licensee of her agency were guilty of unsatisfactory conduct.

It also imposed a $750 fine on the licensee, whose name is suppressed.

However, he decided to appeal on the grounds that the agent had fulfilled her obligations by alerting the lawyers to the covenant.

The tribunal said it did not expect agents to be lawyers but they were obliged to go further than “simply recognising that there are issues with the title”.

It said that being aware of the age restriction should have changed the marketing of the property at the start.

“If the agent cannot understand the implications or meaning of encumbrances, caveats, covenants or other restrictions on the title, then they should ask their vendor to provide the legal advice which will clarify these things for any potential purchaser,” the tribunal said.

“Alternatively, if appropriate, they can obtain that legal interpretation themselves.”

Agents were required by law to be “open, honest, accountable and to ensure that nobody is misled or deceived at the time the property is being sold”.

No mention was made about whether the family had moved from the retirement complex.

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My favourite people in this world

My favorite was my grandmother. People say their MOM and dad. To pay tribute to my grandma and I relish.
As far as I know, I just got my grandmother raised me in the fields. So I had a very deep emotions and Grandma.
When I was a kid was weak. My grandmother would prefer to eat less less wear. Don’t make me hungry and cold. At that time, I was not so rich, my mom and dad don’t get money for our use. My grandmother only money selling food to sustain life, come to think of it, I can’t help but cry.
I suffered for 13 years, his grandmother. Me and my dad, MOM’s even stranger than there are many contradictions between me and Grandma.
I remember once I was 10 years old, I was in grade five. Our classmates asked me to go to their homes to play. Although very indecisive, but I agreed. My grandma and had not been agreed and went in the afternoon, when you came home from school the next day I was preparing to write a job. Grandma suddenly picked up a thumb wasn’t as big as a stick to beat me. In fact, I know grandma called me the pain in her heart. Later, neighbors said, grandma was looking for that night, I didn’t sleep at all. Hearing the word, suddenly my nose has gone sour. I did a rushed back home, shouted, “Grandma, I know I was wrong, I swear I’ll stop bugging you. “Grandma cried, her eyes seem to have the slightest hope, I was with Grandma a hug.
After experiencing this thing, the more I like my Grandma, I like her kind and wing didn’t break her a pair of hands, I remember my grandmother on my good, my love, I’m going to have to double back. The saying goes: “be dripping grace, these must Yongquan. “What about you? I took you for your kindness, so how can I ever repay you?
Grandma, you are in my heart will always be the most beautiful, I swear I’ll let you live a leisurely, carefree days.
Grandma, thank you, without you there would be no I am today. If it wasn’t for you, I probably would have been abandoned by their parents into another corner, right!
Grandma, I love you forever.

my teacher

When six grade, an art teacher, before that people always say how good his classmates, but he taught us I said he does not feel like it, but some things have changed, I think of him.
One afternoon before the class, my friend, “xxx” and several other students running, sloppy, he forgot to tie, just starting not far, he’d ridden a falls, wound up in the left knee, pants were dyed red. When other students gathered around slowly, some girls are afraid to close my eyes, while some Hardy Boys rolled up his trousers to look at what happened to art teacher pass, took one look at just “xxx” held on the bus to send him to the hospital.
To the hospital soon, but weather, sudden rain, harvest large raindrops fall on people just how painful it is when art teacher has only a poncho for “xxx”. Brother wind seems to be out of the limelight as fun, and a full of “enthusiasm” blowing, the teacher’s focus is clearly unstable, almost falling down, but the teacher still holds strong, rain down his pant leg straight down the stream. In the rain, teacher’s figure seems to be so tall … …
Didn’t think he was really so beautiful that he is a good teacher.


I have a nagging mother. Usually seen I’ll nag “dress warm! “,” Job to seriously! “,” Write note positions! ”…… Even when eating to talk at length.
This is it, our family of four is eating dinner, meat on the dinner table is complete. But my favorite bean sprout, so vegetables don’t even dip dip. Mother nagging opened: “different vegetables have different taste and nutrition, you now is the time the long body, choosers, nutritional single, bad for your physical growth. … … “MOM harping a Chase, a trial I was sorely tempted to eat.
Afterwards, I want to quietly and think MOM does have a point. She was for me to get enough nutrients, nag you this to have a strong body, is well intentioned.
Previously, I had a lot of bad habits, procrastinating, encountered difficulties returned. On one occasion, there is a math problem, haven’t figured out the solution, I think, don’t do it, teacher said anyway can do best, won’t do enough to put it there. Mother saw, on my back: “there’s only been intimidated by people in need, rather than no way through. You do not have to spend time and effort to think, analyze, nor to ask someone else, how can you give up? You know what? Learning, learning, learning learning asked. … … “I heard he looked back, calm down, really try to do that, I think for a long time, and finally worked out the answer, though I don’t know you, but I still feel very happy, and feel a sense of accomplishment.
MOM’s nagging me grew. From my mom’s nagging, I learned that many philosophies of life, has built confidence to overcome difficulties. In his mother’s nagging, I feel my mother told me the inculcation and look forward. I’m glad I have a nagging mother, she helped me overcome one difficulty after another, I get rid of a bad habit.
I love my nagging MOM! love that MOM’s nagging!


good bye

Hua elementary school the first day, he and I holding hands through a few blocks, to Victoria primary school. In early September, every family of Apple and pear trees in the yard dripping with fruit the size of a fist, branches into sagging because of the weight, the more out of the hedges, hair to passers-by.
Lots and lots of kids, waiting first class rings in the playground. Little hands, in the hands of MOM and Dad ‘s, shy shy eyes, looked around. They are graduates of kindergarten, but they still do not know what a law graduate of a thing, is always another thing opens.
The bell rang, he figures jumbled, Ben go off in different directions, but in the shuttle in the tumultuous crowd, I very clearly look at your child’s back, as if in 100 babies crying loudly at the same time, you are still able to accurately hear their one location. Huaan carrying a colorful bag to move, but he kept turning back; seems to cross an endless river of time and space, his gaze and I stare across the empty intersection.
I watched him skinny disappeared inside the door.
Age of 16, he went to United States for Exchange students a year. I’ll take him to the airport. Farewell, as usual, hugs, my head is only affixed to his chest, as if clinging to the Giraffe’s feet. He is obviously reluctant to endure his mother’s affection.
In his long, waiting for Passport inspection; I was standing outside, followed him with his eyes moved back an inch an inch farther. Finally his turn, customs window stop for a minute, and then get the passport back, splash into a door, striking quickly disappeared.
I’ve been waiting, waiting for him to disappear before turning back at a glance. But he didn’t, not once.
Now he is 21 years old, went to University, just what I teach college. But even the same way, he didn’t want to ride in my car. Even if the car with his radio-only one person can listen to music, is a closed door. Sometimes he’s on the street waiting for the bus, I looked down from a high-rise window: a tall, thin young man, his eyes looking toward the grey sea, and I can only imagine his inner world, and I like the waves of deep, but I don’t get it. While the bus came, stood in his presence. Car drive away, an empty Street, stands a mailbox.
I slowly and slowly realized, the so-called father-daughter mother and child, simply means, his fate is forever and you continue to see the back of his head drifting away. You stand on this side of the path, watching him faded at the turn of the path, and he tells you at the back: No.
I slowly and slowly come to realize that, I’m lonely, and another back-related.
Doctoral degree after reading it, I went back to Taiwan to teach. Report to the University for the first day, father with his delivery of feed cheap pickup trucks long ride. I realized he didn’t drive to university entrance, but stopped at the narrow side of the side door. After unpacking, he climbed back in the car, ready to go back, start the engine, and rolled down the window, head out and said, “daughter, Dad felt very sorry for you, this car is not the car bringing University professors.
I carefully watched his van into reverse, putt-putt then pulled out of the alley, leaving a cloud of black smoke. Turn until the car was out of sight, I stood there, next to a suitcase.
To the hospital to see him every week, after a dozen years of time. Pushing his wheelchair for a walk, he lowered his head to my chest. In one case, found that waste water with his legs, I squatted down with their handkerchiefs to help him wipe, dress stained with droppings, but I must just get back to work in Taipei. Nurse took him in a wheelchair, I picked up the purse, watch the wheelchair back, in front of the automatic glass pause, and then after not getting started.
I was always in the twilight gloom in the rush to the airport.
In front of the crematorium furnaces, coffin was a huge and heavy drawers, slide forward slowly. No thought of being able to stand so close, has only five meters away from the door. Rain blown ramp and down into the corridor. I swept aside the rain wet forehead hair, deeply, deeply stare, that remember the last watch.
I slowly and slowly learned, the so-called father-daughter mother and child, simply means, and his fate is a liar and you constantly watch his back slipping away. You are standing on this side of the road, watching him gradually disappeared at the turn of the road, and that he backs tell you silently: No.


In recent years, met a policeman friend, good shot. Not serving at the shooting range, at the scene of hostage rescue, archery traditions. Of course, the “Yang” is not poplar Yang, but a gangster nicknames. I consulted him on shooting points. He said, quite simply, is extremely quiet. I say this point all shot knows, but can’t do it. He said, remember that you should loose like ash. Just relax, all the potential energy will be released together with you to achieve the perfect.
I couldn’t really understand what he said, but from then on I began to pay attention to previously ignored it. The ash, especially those high quality cigarette ash after burning, very loose, almost no weight and shape, really an elephant invisible. They lay there lazily, like hibernating. In fact, internally in the ashes, vigilant and observant of the birds inhabit any passing breeze, even if only a slight sigh, they lost no time in flying harness the wind. Their strength comes from relaxing from a flying instinct.
Loose tails is nervous. Almost everyone had a fiasco experienced due to the tension. For example, during the exam, muscle stiffness, heart beat seems to be countless little bombs followed by blasting in deep parts of the body. With trembling fingers to his sweating, know them inside out knowledge, he lurked up, clearly the answer becomes plausible, while the slide … … When interviewing or minced generous enough, unable to show their true strength or flow of restless, not allowed to decide how the substance of the issue, had to keep telling to hide his nervous, counterproductive … … Believe that everyone has stored a lot of such past clumps. Extreme relaxation can be maintained at the most critical moment, not a technology, but rather a kind of culture, cultivation is a long-term and subtle promotion results. We often say that SB win win mentally, or say someone defeated defeated psychologically. This mistake does not mean that are intellectually, but rather on the toughness of this mind relaxation.
When fine ash. They used to be flames, burned, boiling over, but they are quiet at the moment. Without publicity, quietly waiting for them next time you wind up, carrying all the energies, arrived in sunshine to any place.

plane trees

Apartments window on the first floor there are several strains of plane trees. These are all things in the yard next door, but in the form of me all the time. Because they are with me across the appropriate distance, seems to be a special kind of showed me. Their owners, for their local State may know better than I can, but to all of them looks, probably never see it. Because it must be at considerable distance just to see. Tang Dynasty poem: “the mountain far started for harmony. “I think the tree is also true. From early summer to date, several trees in front of me, neither too deep nor too pale, showing a variety of looks.
When spring and early summer, I saw a new yellow colostrum scene. Those little yellow leaf clusters on the bare branches like a Hall tree lights, it would seem that primary Clip art designs, uniform layout and childish. The leaves of the plants, there are a variety of techniques: metabolism, to fool the human eye and use … surreptitiously to supersede … in the dark blue and yellow. Some small, so that people are not aware of their bare branches into leaves only the Phoenix tree leaves, most poor, but most frankly. They’re dripping with sparse, coarse, their leaves. Leaf, the trees obviously variable capacitance.
In the summer, I see leaves a cloudy background. Those fans are large leaves, and in a mimicengceng, look without a gap, like a large green barrier; and painting a Castle Peak. In my common garden plants, large leaves, except for banana, I am afraid that nothing but the Indus. Banana leaf shape is great, but there aren’t many, the clove hitch over several days before he leaves, the leaves of the trees there. Leaf may not compare with the Indus, but numerous. The pig ears, heavy piles of Hung Tung, from low-hanging on the branches to the top of the tree. Windows in front of a few sticks of Phoenix, I think there are too many green. The ancients said, “on the banana green screens” view would be too low, just before the band below the window. If you step on the floor and look out, banana fell on the news, “Indus window screen on the green”.
One and a half months, I see Indus leaves fall away. Looks bleak, too! the first dark green, dark green; and later by dark green turning yellow; the North wind blows, they make a fuss, big yellow leaves begin these remarks–suddenly fell off one or two at first later regularly come flying down a large number of, if someone lost down a tall building. Branches gradually empty, bare tree behind the House, finally guards only a few branches, and Chinchichieh would face. They are empty-handed on my window these days, seemed to ruin and had married a Bachelor, how pitiful! reminds me of ancient poetry: “high mountain tree, the wind blows the leaves fall. Thousands of miles, how and when? ” Now if you want to collect them all leaves, making them turn green and also restored summer scene, even though all those dominant forces in the world, tried everything mechanical efficiency, impossible thing! back to the yellow-green earth, it is a symbol of the sad is deciduous, Indus, especially leaves.
But their owners probably did not feel such sorrow. Because though they planted them, all of them, but saw none of the times described above. They are just sitting in the window, look at their root, stood looking up at them before you order with branches and leaves, as they sweep the fallen leaves, how to see them face it? what are they a symbol of? we know nature is not occupied. Art cannot be accounted for


People always lie, who said he did not lie, this is a downright lie. Some people lied all my life, his existence is a lie. Some people sometimes lie, except himself, no one knew it was a lie. Lies at some point, just talking to people of good will, as long as it doesn’t kill people, say it anyway.
In my heart of hearts, grow a tree “lies clover”. When it’s not a leaf was when I did not hesitate to take it off, I started to lie.
One leaf is good. Don’t assume that all lies are malicious, kind and more likely to drive us to lie in the end. A doctor who had been for many years, when those terminally ill patients warm hearted, took him by the hand, looking helplessly asking “doctor. You said I can fix it? “He always did not hesitate to answer:” can cure. “He didn’t even think it was a lie. It was his heart patients and common hopes. When things are not so bad when the mess, kind of lie is also supporting our forward momentum.
“Clover” 2nd leaves this lie has no sinister consequences, more like a witty joke or polite excuses. Elegant literary friends in the eyes of ordinary people, but I was mostly not interested. However, they invite you, mean well, flatly rejected not only rude, but also an expression of pride, and my intentions are too far apart. At this point, I was looking for an excuse to shirk. Like I say writing stuff, or have a date … …
3rd—that he leaves me to lie to preserve self-esteem said. We often do wrong. Error and nothing, has changed to design. But because of an error in front of wounded pride, is due to traumatic, not this good. I’m not covering for his mistakes. I’ll be there one night, deep review of defects, but I’m not in front of herself like defective exhibition. Perhaps everyone not to feel the difference, but most people are very sensitive on this issue. Pride, we can lie; the same is for pride, we must not lie to maintain too long. Because true self-esteem is built on a continuous improvement of its own Foundation, lies not only a short period of smoke.
As you grow older, “lies clover” gradually wither away. I sometimes lie, but the frequency has decreased a lot. The reason, I think, lies sometimes express a desire, a reflection of our hope for facts. Life rings some thickening, beetle in the world as it’s like amber more thousand cents now, we need to be brave gaze. I have the first element of consciousness is not “good” but “true”. It’s not “lies clover” problem, which is simply ridiculous thatched. For such people, we do not because they tell me to understand them. Occasionally say and commonplace to say, there is a difference.


One morning, I listen to the radio, listening to news broadcasts of the Central People’s broadcasting station, heard the news, “from the United States introduced the Zoo Tigers, to Northeast breeding in zoos. “Because this rule–biologists blood too close to the animals to mate, produce offspring is congenitally deficient, weak and sick under. They have to, so we proved it.
People who don’t know details, could be so naive as to think: Amur tiger (Manchurian Tiger) produced in Northeast China, to catch some in the Northeast Mountains and Zoo tiger breeding are not on the list yet? Why well-to-do cross crossed to get it?
They do not know, we Northeast Mountains this tiger is less and less of the world’s most majestic and beautiful, it is hard to catch one or two heads. A few years ago I was traveling to the North-East, visited Yichun, prefectural comrades told me, Yichun area as a whole but saved five Tigers in the mountains, it is the experience of the experts, derived from the mountain tiger footprints, and so on. The early liberation, Yichun is a small town, tigers in the forests around a lot at night, and sometimes flees town.
Amur tiger lost, the South China Tiger has been falling down. In recent years, we have heard little to capture the Tiger news. The South China Tiger, also ranks among the ranks of the protected rare animals.
Tiger is just one example, many of our wildlife, from Panda, elephant, monkeys, Gibbons, to the regular monkeys, birds, are declining. Cranes in China was supposed to be a lot of Red-crowned crane, the number of black-necked crane and crane are now also first in the world. However, crane combined protection work Conference held recently in Nanjing declared that the three cranes in China now total only more than 1800 of them, and this is a zoologist at Highland and swampy areas, data from long-term observations, calculations, over more than 500 Red-crowned crane, crane more than 700 of them, and found more than 600 only.
Theoretically, these wild birds, between Highland swamps should be groups clash, sometimes crowded. Are now numbered. It’s visible in the country, wild animals decreases as it moves away.
That’s just the wildlife aspect of things, as well as deforestation, environmental pollution, and they are a constant deterioration of the ecological environment, wildlife suffers. I ran across some over the years, hear people talk everywhere: reduced water pollution makes fish and shrimps, deforestation forest area shrank, indiscriminate Hunt the animals dropped … … Nature has issued an emergency warning. For whom the siren chirps? For you, me, him, and tolls for all of us! Chinese Ming!
Thought we had gone too far, “vast”! We naturally have many advantages, but there are a number of disadvantages. Agricultural country, China’s per capita arable land in the world is on a small number of; forest covering an area of 12% of the total national area in China, is below the world average; bottom column of the world nature reserves in China. Even more frightening, shiniandongluan Ogata, a wave of lawlessness and ignorance in our country proud, willful and shortsighted people (not necessarily a small number), are not aware of “environmental protection” any respect, I do not know why the social morality. They’re shooting birds, game, deforestation, garbage, do damage to the nature and the environment every day business, making our nature, there have been troubling situation. Nature has all sorts of signals, we sounded the siren.
We also have a large number of far-sighted people loyal to people’s cause, long noted this situation; heads of party and Government continue to talk, to take measures, to draw attention to environmental protection. Revolution the next morning to plant trees in the rain, Teach others by your example. Nature reserve have been established, old experts who used to speak out. In some places, the environmental protection made accomplishments indeed, makes it possible to hear beautiful singing of the birds, again wood dining and dazzling beautiful sceneries. However, serious problems now have yet to be fundamentally solved.
Bring benefits to our posterity forces prevail is it, is so damaging to future generations of power prevails? A vision, the country on behalf of the forces prevailed, is shortsighted, disastrous force prevails? It all depends on the “affirmative”.
In this struggle, none of the outsider.
People, do you really stand on the side?
Reduced from beasts, I seemed to hear the nature of the alarm, alarm sirens, I can’t help but think of all this.