The advantages of graphic designing for marketing products through online


In the present world, the World Wide Web is one of the most powerful mediums to market your online business and therefore it is very important to have a strong online presence for any business. The reason is that this online presence of your business product can help you to attract the target audience towards the products and service offered by your concern or the organization. In this manner, for branding your online business effectively, you need to look for the talented, skilled and experienced graphic designers who can help you to develop your website in the user friendly way. This article gives you the information about the benefits of using such graphic designing strategies for your business growth.

Role of designing graphics for your online business

Basically, the website designing is one of the affordable services that have been in demand and a beautiful and eye catching graphics on your website can help you to make the traffic to your site. This will help your business to get attention and increasing demand among the customers. The professional Auckland graphic design can help you to get the exclusive appearance for your website. Furthermore, those graphic designing companies can offer you some different services to make the perfect website for your business. In such a way, the designers possess all those characters and then they can be the right choice for you.

Getting the desired result using the graphic designing services

The highly reputed Auckland graphic design companies can have the proficiency and experienced professionals who can give you the most wonderful design to your site. In such a way, they can use various kinds of images and some information about the products. This can be very beneficial for the customers to understand about the product. Moreover, you can also get your desired result in the quickest manner. So, if you have decided to hire the graphic designers for your optimization of site, then you can choose the right companies. Nowadays, the internet provides a wide range of details and information about the graphic designer and some companies. So, this can be very helpful to understand the services of those companies. In this manner, you can get the highly trained and experienced professionals for the strong online presence of your business websites. So, you could well understand that the benefits of the graphic designing companies for the growth of your business.


The way to select good quality physiotherapist


The important aspect to hire the best physiotherapist is essential one. To avoid the harmful side effects, the patients need to select the high professional physiotherapist for both physical and mental treatment. The good therapist can give the proper and individual assistance to the patients. Based on the training and experience the healer is gathered we can come to an assumption to select that expert physiotherapist. The expert physio mt eden provides proper guidelines and treatment for their patients. They have specialized in the all type of problems related to the physical and mental. They have provide proper training on improve the muscle flexible and recover from the inflammation occurred in the joints. The best consultants should start the treatment from analyzing of patients previous medical records and treatment conditions. According to the results, the expert consultants of the physiotherapy can give the proper exercise and massage steps and they will explain about the treatment steps. The sports personals and dancers are regularly need assistance from professional physiotherapist.

Those who are suffering with the wound and injury due to accidents can be cured by giving proper exercise steps and reduce the stress too. The expert team is delivering help to recover from the physical problems and injury related issues. The physio mt eden provides the treatment for the physical conditions related to the neural problems, injuries occur due to the sports and straining works. They have also provided the treatment for the people who are come out from the surgical area. The surgery related wounds are easily recovered from normal physical activities and massage steps. The expert physiotherapist sharing all the healing related information with the patients which can help to understand the effective exercise steps and they have conducting regular free camps where the patients can get the suggestion and treatment for free. They have improved the self treatment and management steps for the patient to help the patient to get easy recover from the injury. The therapist from this Eden area has provided the mobile treatment for the patients with the help of fund from association. Due to proper clinical assistance provided by the therapist they have got excellent testimony from the people of New Zealand. The medical services are given by the professionals who have got certified authorization and give excellent physiotherapy treatment for the patients suffered with the chronic conditions.

Hire a best virtual assistant to make your business growth


Searching the best employees is now really an easier task to the business people when it comes to the virtual platform. In the recent days, the commercial entrepreneurs are spending more money for making their office space and providing all facilities to their workers. At the same time, many people do not want to work in the office environment due to many reasons. For both these benefits, the companies are hiring virtual staff for doing their works. The virtual employees are remoter workers who are doing their works in the home or other places. Most of the small, medium, and large scale business companies are only willing to hire such remote working assistances through the internet platform. The commercial professionals are always searching for the best virtual workers to complete their works and meet the desired business needs.

Basically, the virtual workers are flexible home office based employees who can definitely proceed out every task which are needed to be done in the online business environment for the clients. The businessmen always require hiring virtual assistant who have greater responsibility and sincerity in working. The people who are having better qualification and professional skills will be hired for the particular works by the experts in the companies. Selecting the best workers for their company is a great duty of the professional experts. They will do their job right by conducting some sequence of tests for the candidates who are applying for the virtual job. There are infinite web job solutions for the persons who are in need of immediate job. If the applied candidates are passing those simple tests, they will be selected for working in the remote places.

The companies will provide project with the maximum time limit. Within that time limit, the employees can finish their job perfectly. There are two modes of virtual assistant jobs available such as part time and full time job. The full time job is also similar to the daily office time period but the employees are working from the comfort of their house. The part time jobs are highly flexible remote job option in which the workers can work at any time they want. Mostly the students and workers in other places are choosing this part time job mode to work in the evening time. The remote workers are doing this virtual part time job for making additional income for their monthly expenses.

What can cover in the plumbing services?


The needs of customers differ as per the problems in pipes and fittings they faced in home. Residential, commercial and emergency plumbing services are provided by the contractors or companies to meet the needs of all customers. When people want reliable plumbers east Auckland they can search in the web to find the best contractors or service providers. Some of the services that are included in the plumbing services are clogged drains, installation of pipes, upgrading the pipes, leaks in pipes, sewage backups, trenchless pipe repair, damaged sewer lines and many more. The contractors or plumbers can help in solving all the problems in the home that affects the hygiene of the building. The toilet may get struck and would not flush. Even sometimes the water from the bowl raises and spills on the floors and create panic situation. If a toilet needs plunging, there is an obstruction in the drainpipe or trap. Since people could not have proper clothes and tools they should hire an expert to deal with clogged toilets.

Sump pumps are used in the building to solve the basement leaking and flooding issues since they are designed by the experts to remove water from crawlspaces and basements. A sump pump sits below the sump pit that is attached at the lowest point in the crawlspace or basement. Sometimes the sump pump stops its function because of the settlement of dirt, gravel and sand. They should clean the sump pump regularly with the help of expert plumbers Auckland. Like any other equipments people use in their home, sump pumps can also get wear out after certain period of time. It should be replaced with the help of expert people. Leak repair is one of the common problems in every home since the building is using many piping systems for the flow of water all over the building. Plumbing leaks occur in buildings such as running toilet, cracked drain line, damaged sewer line, broken water line and dripping faucet. People can ask help from the leak repair professionals to identify the leaking area and fixing the area.

Leaks such as dripping faucet do not require emergency plumbing services. But if any leakage occurs that leads to penetration of water into the basement, people should ask the services of plumbers Auckland immediately. There are many service providers that offer 24 hour service for the customers for such type of emergency situations. Even such contractors can provide service related to water heater replacement and repair. If people consider that they have to replace or repair the water heater, they can hire the service of a plumbing service provider. They will analyze and tell the type of water heaters that suits them. Some of the commercial plumbing services include grease trap, backflow, water jetting, disposal and drains. Whether it may be a commercial service or residential service people should hire the service of a best service provider or contractor. They can compare the reviews of various service providers in the web and hire the service of the best one.

Make your website traffic high with SEO


Many seo companies are available all over the world. This definitely gives more difficulties to every businessman who would like to get the most excellent seo services from a leading provider at this time. On the other hand, unique way of representation of each service of Seo Company not at all fails to give more benefits.  Today’s contemporary world, SEO Auckland give much attention to more than a few matters related to business improvement through a perfect yet reasonably priced service to customers as they want always. Here they assist every customer with lot of care. Every businessman starts their business with the thinking of getting successful position in the competitive business world. For achieving successful business level, every business men should follow the best business strategy for popularizing their business.

With the improvement of the internet and its usage, online marketing has evolved so much. Among many business strategies, search engine optimization (SEO) has been a best online marketing strategy today. Search engine optimization strategy has got more attention among many businessmen. It is most easy and affordable way of promoting the business products and services. The main role of the SEO Auckland is to enhance a website’s rankings in all search engines that lead to increased number of visitors to their website. Search engine optimization is more efficient way of online marketing, which has more reach ability among many online users. The business men can realize the real value of ranking well of their business product in all search engines.

The main aim of the SEO Auckland is to place the details of business product on the top of the search engine pages. To get top ratings for key related search phrases, many companies are outsourcing their online optimization services that need to the business SEO marketers. This SEO service gives so much appearance to the business man website on more search engines. This will increase the number of keywords which customers use to search and find the business man’s website. This can be proved to be success in the online SEO services category. It will improve the relevancy of visitors who come to the business site. Inbound marketing is very important approach in search engine optimization. It will build links between various search engines and the business man’s website. Link building is a very tuff marketing strategy. Inbound link network or marketing is so powerful when it use continuously. Auckland SEO expert – Ted Liu

Know about TKT course and its benefits


If you want to improve your knowledge and skills in English language for your personal and career purpose, then take the advantages of TKT couse, which will guide you how to get expert in English. There are many schools are available in Auckland, which will provide effective and reliable training for improving the knowledge of English to the students. There are lots of courses are available, and the person have to choose the best course which suits to them. Here is the information about three important English courses available in Auckland but the best course is TKT. The three important English courses are TKT, the general course of English and exam preparation course of TOEIC. Most of the professors, experts of English prefer TKT for the best improvement of English skill and knowledge.

TKT Auckland is a system of international test for English language. This is a form of test where the students can be eligible when they are job across the globe. Are the professionals, and the students need to study or work in abroad, and then the first step have to do is clear the test. After the test, they will be provided a scorecard and by taking that card they can bale to get job or seat to study in any institution. This test is not as easy as the other test in Auckland, and this needed training before you are appearing to the particular examination. This will lead to getting a good score and get a great chance to get admissions from excellent colleges in abroad.

There are main two modules are available in this TKT Auckland. First is the academic based test and nest is the general training test. This academic based test id only for the students who like to get admissions for postgraduate and undergraduate or if they like to go abroad for their job reasons. General training test is for the people having immigration reasons and for those who need to join in abroad for training of vocational. It will test the students on the basis of some real life situations. They are checked effectively according to the speaking, understanding and writing skills. In this TKT both the tests are divided into four parts and the main goal of the test is to know about the student’s ability of speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

The students should have well and excellent knowledge about the above factors so that they can score well during the examination. There are separate timings are allotted for each and every test which will judge the capacity of the candidate. The students and candidates have to be good in all the aspects of the language. Most important is given to this language because this is spoken globally, and you can easily survive with the use of this language. After clearing all stages of TKT Auckland, then they can join in any excellent company or institution to continue their life. Lot of hard word is needed, and if they clear all the stages, then their life will be prosperous and enlightening career is waiting for those candidates.


Find the excellent benefits of soaker tubs


Soaker bathtubs are available in different styles, sizes and designs for different kinds of people. These soaker tubs are specially made for the sole purpose of soaking by permitting persons to dip their entire body carefully. These bathtubs are deeper, wider and longer in each sense so that people are able to get a better general purpose bathtub models. Most of the modern bathrooms are having these soaker bathtubs that provide completeness feel. These soaker bathtubs are accessible in various colors such as bone, biscuit, white glossy finish and onyx. There are two fundamental models of soaker tubs available in the market. Those are roman soaker bathtub and Greek soaker bathtub. These two fundamental models are similar in entire functions but roman bathtubs are quite deeper than Greek bathtubs. Now a day, soaker bathtubs are popular and they are mostly available as freestanding models. These freestanding model soaker bathtubs have a lot of space for lounging and leaning back. They are really comfortable and convenient to all people bath easy.

These soaker tubs are not really consuming more space in the bathroom. They are compactable but deeper, longer and space full for all kinds of persons. Soaker tubs are also having some of the health benefits for humans. Soaker bathtubs will be able to take person’s blues away. Hydrotherapy is highly beneficial to the people who have back or neck pains and need peace of mind. The water in the bathtubs will be able to relax people completely by reducing tension on the muscles. The lightness of the water will reduce complete stress and depression and make blood circulation well on the human body. Better blood circulation will really make people feel more relaxed and tension free. Some of the people have a sleeping problem at the night time. They have a lack of sleeping at night and they need a better solution to have a better sleep at night. The soaker bathtubs are helpful to those people for relaxing their muscles and also mind.

If the humans have no sleeping at night, they can have a wonderful bathing in this bathtub. Then all of their muscles and mind will get relaxed and they will have better sleep at the night time. There are numerous types of soaker tubs available for recreation purpose. These soaker bathtubs are coming in different styles and designs. The people can enjoy warm and relaxing water in the winter season using this bathtub. Now there are so many online stores to buy high quality soaker tubs at an affordable price range. Now most of the buyers have made any purchase from online stores using the internet. In that way, most of the online shops have plenty of collections of soaker bathtubs for different types of buyers. Among many online stores, the buyers must have to find the good online store to buy the best soaker bathtubs suitable for them. Online shops have many varieties, styles and designs of soaker bathtubs and also at very reasonable price level. That is why most of the buyers prefer online shops to buy high quality soaker bathtubs online.





Affordable houses for sale Auckland attract budding homeowners and investors


Many residents of the New Zealand now keep concentrate on the best investment opportunities because they have desires to secure wealth as the maximum amount as possible.  They can listen to the most recent houses for sale Auckland and fulfil expectations on investment opportunities easily. The most successful real estate companies now provide the best services to clients. These services are useful for people who have an expectation to become a home-owner here. As the city of sails, Auckland gets recognition all through the world. Many attractions about this largest city including the beaches, spectacular harbour, and picturesque water on the center business district’s sides encourage individuals to invest in real estate properties here. As compared to buying commercial properties at the highest prices, this is worthwhile to invest in affordable house investment options here.

People who have invested in houses here now reap profits increasingly. They feel happy because more than expected improvement in the property value. They can get an expected return on investment at all the time. Among many houses for sale Auckland, individuals can choose the most suitable residential property when they choose a real estate agent with years of professional experiences in the industry. Residential of this international city now get satisfied as a result of the most outstanding facilities on time.  The whole population growth of New Zealand depends on the Auckland region because the official population of this city is 33% of New Zealand’s overall population.  As compared to other liveable cities of the globe, this city gets ranked third position in 2011 according to a survey conducted by Mercer Quality of Living.

The most exceptional news about the real estate industry of residential properties in Auckland is the ever-increasing demand that exceeds supply these days.  Residents of other cities and countries now give attention to the news regarding houses for sale Auckland comprehensively because they heard the best benefits from the property investment in this city. Among many other attention-grabbing reasons that encourage people purchase a property in this city, the most significant reasons are no capital gains tax, stamp duties or land tax, and inheritance tax and multi-currency lending options.  Once non-residents of Auckland have decided to purchase a house in this city, they have to consider lots of things. These significant things are top reasons behind the augmentation of real estate value in this city, types of capital gains and taxation issues, and the best regions to buy properties, and real estate services’ dedication.

The ever increasing rental rates of houses in Auckland give happiness to businessmen with a wish to invest in houses here. The cheapest prices of the premium houses for sale Auckland give lots of benefits to first-time home buyers in this city. As compared to other cities of New Zealand, this city has the best residential properties and amenities that give the most outstanding support to residents enjoy the lifestyle greatly.  As the investment-friendly country, New Zealand welcomes non-residents to invest in properties here these days. The best city in New Zealand to get profits from a reasonable residential investment is Auckland.

Things have to be followed in newsletter writing


Newsletter letter has to be written a formal and structural manner to gain the benefits in a higher way. There are many secrets available regarding newsletter writing and people have to read that to write in the proper format. The contents written in the newsletter should be original and new and it should provide fun to the readers reading it. To improve the business to greater heights, individuals have to write a newsletter in a professional way to attract the clients. Consistent factor should maintain throughout the letter in order to save time and amount in a greater manner. Newsletter writing can get completed in a faster manner when they use the tips and tricks available on the internet. Individuals should write a newsletter with scope in order to gain a reputation for their business. They should satisfy the customer’s requirements in a perfect way by using proper sentences in newsletter.

Though newsletter writing is a complicated task, it has to be handled by proper means to achieve success in business. Individuals should use interesting words in the newsletter to attract the target audience. Spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes should get avoided absolutely when they want to achieve success in a higher manner. These small mistakes will create a bad impression among the users and people should avoid that with proper care. The newsletters should be both interesting and informative to attract the wide range of audience in an effective manner. Individuals should write in the third person format in order to increase the credibility in newsletter. They should get suggestions and tips from professional writers to write the letters in a standard format. They must have proper writing skill to produce a newsletter in a well qualified manner without any errors. Errors have to be corrected earlier when they want to achieve greater benefits in newsletter writing.

About refrigerator drawers in the kitchen


The style and functionality of the drawers in the refrigerator will give a luxury look for the kitchen. The feature of the drawer in the refrigerator will provide a choice for the people to buy as per their kitchen style. The drawers are available in two or three in numbers that fit below the counter to store the food items. The food products that are stored in the drawers are visible to the people and they can easily reach those food items when the refrigerator drawers are open. The arrangement of items in the drawer can give convenience to the people if it is used for the kitchen purpose or used as secondary for some specific usages. In small kitchens, drawer refrigerator is the best option for storing more number of items. One of the benefits of a refrigerator drawer is people who are using wheelchairs can easily access the refrigerator and get the food they want to have. Apart from using in the kitchen, refrigerators are used as secondary to store the cold food items. Food can be placed nearly in the drawer of the refrigerator. Refrigerator drawers are giving comfort because of its convenient access and compact size.

The refrigerator drawers are independent and free units that can be placed under a desk, bar and counter in the kitchen. The features involved in the refrigerator drawers are thermostats with adjustment, cooling fans and defrosting systems that work automatically. The drawers are easily opened because of the spring loaded facility in the drawer. The drawer is also counter-weighted to make the drawer easily opened by the user. The styles of refrigerator drawers include refrigerators with 2 or 3 drawers and drawers with handles for towels. Some of the refrigerators come in seamless stainless steel. This suits the commercial kitchen or household kitchen. Some of the refrigerators are covered with some overlay to match the décor of the refrigerator with the décor of the kitchen. These types of refrigerator drawers will fit perfectly with the décor of the kitchen. The drawer refrigerator in the kitchen will give a feel of luxury, affordability and stylish in the commercial or household kitchen.

Some of the refrigerator drawers are very deep to store large amount of food items in it. These drawers will use the space effectively in the kitchen. Even the drawers are designed a way to store items such as beverages, cans and Bevs. Even kids can easily access the refrigerator since the height of the refrigerator drawer is less than the normal refrigerators. This will create a friendly kitchen zone for kids. This will help the youngster and kids have something after they return from school. They do not need a person for helping him in accessing the refrigerator. Parents can store some healthy snacks and drinks for their children in the refrigerator drawer to reach them on handy for their children. One who wishes to raise the value of the kitchen and develop the look of the kitchen can use the refrigerator drawers.


Find the latest offer of wine direct on no.1 wines.

If you are looking for the latest offers on the every purchase of wine, buy wine online retail store to grab special offers on wines. Now you can get free delivery nationwide purchasing 6 bottles of wine from wine direct. Under the special offer you can save up to 10 dollars on your every purchase. Let’s find what categories of wines are available under the latest offer wine direct.

  • Under this special offer you can purchase Volepetto Chianti DOCG to save $6 on each bottle. Now you can purchase each bottle of Volepetto Chianti only at 11.99USD.
  • With the latest offer of wine direct you can purchase Fontella Chianti DOCG having only $16.99. You have to purchase 6 bottles of Fontella to enjoy the special offer. Under the discount you can save about 7USD on your every purchase.
  • Purchase 6 bottles of Torre Oria Villa Ingo Reserva from wine direct and save 3USD on every bottle purchase. Prestigious and high profile customers prefer this wine so much. It is an elegant choice of wine lovers. Make your special occasions more pleasurable and enjoyable with Torre Oria Villa Ingo Reserva.
  • Wine lovers who are searching for award winning wines at discounted price, Rhone Red Dozen can be their best choice. And they can grab the award winning wine only from wine direct. Under the latest offer of wine direct you can purchase the award winning wine only at $28.99.

So, don’t make late to visit the website of wine direct and grab the latest amazing offer!



Hidden benefits of a cat tree house for both cat and cat’s owner


There are multiple benefits of making a cat tree house. Cat tree house can be the best place for your cute kitten to sleep, jump and explore. Besides, building a cat tree house you can stimulate your cat in different outdoor activities. It also helps cat owners to prevent their indoor furniture from tiresome scratching of cats. Let’s find multiple benefits of a cat tree house.

Best platform for outdoor activities

Enjoyable living environment

Durable interactive play center

Prevent from scratching on furniture

Best platform for outdoor activities:

Cat tree house works as the best platform of outdoor activities for cats. On the cat tree house your beloved cats can feel comfort to play, move, and jump and explore. And these outdoor activities are useful to increase the physical stamina of cat.

Enjoyable living environment:

Cats love to live in the cat tree house, because cat tree house is comfortable and enjoyable to sleep and explore. With a cat tree house you can provide a natural living environment to your cats. Multiple numbers of cats can play and explore in the cat tree house together.

Durable and interactive play center:

Cat tree house works as a durable and interactive play center where two or more cats can play together.  And the tree is designed with attractive features and functions those are really funny and entertaining for cats.

Prevent from scratching on furniture:

Making a cat tree house you can repel your cats to scratch on indoor furniture and essential accessories. Placing a cat tree house you can make your lovely kitten indifferent to move and scratch on your bed and furniture.

Mole Mapping in Auckland is affordable and advanced in detecting malignant moles and skin cancer.


Due to different causes and perspectives malignant moles can grow in your skin such as profession, lifestyle, food habit, and genetics and so forth. Melanoma is a common and fatal form of skin cancer. Both males and females can get bitter experience of melanoma at any stages and ages of their life. Auckland is a state of New Zealand where the rate of melanoma affected patients is increasing at an alarming level. Dermatologists are applying mole mapping as the most advanced procedure of skin cancer detection in Auckland.

Online mole mapping appointment in Auckland:

There are thousands of mole mapping institutes and health centers in Auckland where you can find an appointment online to detect malignant moles in your skin. You can get online appointment in St. Luke Medical Center and Skin Site for mapping moles in your body. In Auckland, different skin care centers have made mole mapping appointment available online in order to provide consumers quick mole mapping service.

Full body mole mapping Auckland:

In different skin care centers of Auckland full body mole mapping service is available. Full body mole mapping is highly effective to detect the presence of melanoma in the skin. You can examine the possibility of melanoma in your body with the help of mole mapping Auckland. Mole Map Ltd, Mole Check NZ, and St. Luke Medical Center offer consumers full body mole mapping. You can find here full body mole mapping service at affordable price.

Mole mapping by skilled dermatologists in Auckland:

In Auckland 100% qualified and guaranteed mole mapping services are available by highly skilled dermatologists and skin care specialists along with advanced skin care technologies. In different mole mapping centers of Auckland professional mole mapping experts provide skin cancer detection and mole mapping service. If you live in Auckland, you can easily find mole mapping service in different skin care centers.



Find some popular websites for trusted, simple, and free mortgage calculator.


Are you looking for highly efficient mortgage calculator to estimate your amount of mortgage that you can afford? Do you want to calculate your monthly mortgage payment within few seconds? Then, review the article properly. If you are here, you will find some widely used financial support websites where you can use free and fair mortgage calculators to estimate your amount of mortgage and monthly payment. So, let’s find:

This is the widely used financial support website where you can find free mortgage calculator to calculate your monthly mortgage payment or repayment. has reliable and flawless mortgage widget that you can use for your own financial sites. Home loan seekers who are confused to determine an affordable home loan package for them, they can use the mortgage calculator to find an affordable home loan package. This calculator is easy to use. You just need some basic information to use the mortgage calculator.

Since 1979, has been working as a trusted mortgage resource center. On the website you can find mortgage quotes, news & information and mortgage calculator. People who are looking for house building loan, car loan, business opening loan, and any other loans; they can log in the site to measure their amount of monthly payment against mortgage. If you are here, you can calculate mortgage payment of any types of mortgage including 12 years mortgage, 15 years mortgage, 30 years mortgage, adjustable mortgage rate, and refinancing mortgage and more. You have no need to pay to use the simple mortgage calculator of the site.

Subscribe to to find out an exact scheme of your monthly mortgage payment. This financial website offers users simple mortgage calculator to calculate a commensurate amount of mortgage. Save your valuable time and money using the mortgage calculator of the site. To calculate how much amount of mortgage you can afford, simple enter your some basic financial information into the relevant fields of the calculation page. If you cannot realize, you can follow the instructions of mortgage calculator.

No matter, if you are in your office or home. You can calculate your amount of fixed rate mortgage repayment on On the site you will find a simple mortgage calculator to calculate your monthly or yearly mortgage repayment. No subscription fee is required to use the mortgage calculator. Furthermore, you can compare refinance mortgage rates of different lenders using the mortgage calculator of


NZ housing costs high, pay low

New Zealanders spend more of their income on housing than any other developed country in the OECD apart from heavily indebted Greece, a report reveals.

And although income disparities have decreased slightly, household disposable incomes in New Zealand remain below the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development average.

The findings are part of the OECD’s wellbeing report – titled How’s Life? – which ranks the group’s 34 countries across 11 indicators.

The report, released yesterday, shows the cost of housing as a proportion of income in New Zealand is the second-highest in the OECD, with 26 per cent of the average household’s income going towards housing.

Housing costs include rent, mortgage payments, power, water, gas and maintenance costs.

New Zealand was topped only by Greece, whose economy has been hit hard by the global financial crisis and a huge sovereign debt burden. There, 27 per cent of incomes goes towards housing.

The report also found that despite New Zealand having the seventh-highest employment rate, the average household’s disposable income was below the OECD average.

There was some good news, however, with the report finding income disparities in New Zealand had decreased slightly.

And when it comes to overall wellbeing, New Zealand was among the best-performing countries in the OECD. New Zealand was ranked among high-performers including Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Britain and the Nordic countries.

The country outranked average performers including the United States, South Korea, Japan, Germany and France, and low performers including Turkey and Greece.

Wellbeing was determined by indicators including income and wealth, job availability and earnings, housing conditions, health, work-life balance, education and skills, social connections, civic engagement and governance, environmental quality, personal security and subjective wellbeing.

New Zealanders have relatively equal distribution when it comes to life satisfaction, but happiness has been in decline since the global financial crisis hit – average life satisfaction falling by 5 per cent in the four years to 2012. The report said that could be because of factors other than the economy, citing the recent earthquakes.

New Zealanders did well in terms of health – almost 90 per cent reporting they were in good or very good health.

New Zealand also had the second-lowest difference in self-reported health status between socio-economic groups out of all OECD countries.

The gender divide in both life expectancy and health was comparatively narrow, and women and men were nearly equally represented among the unemployed.

The report noted the gender pay gap was narrowing, but men were more likely than women to be satisfied with their job.

The OECD aims to promote policies that improve the economic and social wellbeing of people around the world.